In today’s tech-savvy, internet-based world, your first thought when marketing your business might be that you need to get online ASAP to start spreading the word. But what if I told you that one of the most effective ways to build your business might be good ol’ face-to-face, at-home parties?

At-home parties have been successful for years and have helped many brands spread their message. Why? Because as Entrepreneur says, these parties allow attendees to see, touch, and try the products, ask questions and receive immediate answers, and hear others’ opinions.

Sounds like a great option as you build your Isagenix business, right? YES! So, here’s how you do it.

Your At-Home Party How-To Guide

A group of three women hugging and smiling

Learn how you can bring the party to your next at-home event in just five steps.

1. The Invitation

The first step to hosting great at-home parties is inviting your friends and making sure you have a good turnout. A good rule of thumb is to invite more people than you’d like to attend because there will be those who cancel or don’t show up. If you can, be sure to send your invites 10-14 days prior to your event, and follow up as the event gets closer.

Don’t forget to let everyone know how much fun the party will be and that there will be product samples and other free handouts!

2. The Setup and Welcome

Like any party, it’s important to set the right vibe at your at-home business building event. Make sure the room is well lit; place catalogs, magazines, and brochures on the table; and prepare beverages and Isagenix samples. Play music, and keep the conversation casual as guests arrive. Save the specifics of the night’s presentation for later to create excitement!

3. The Party

Start by sharing your story about why you got started with Isagenix and your experience using the products. Ask your guests what made them attend the party, and keep things moving by showing them “Why Isagenix?” (in its entirety!). Follow with a recap sharing why you love the video, answer questions, and share a business story. Explain the products you’ve displayed, and pass out the New Member Form.

Need ideas on what your agenda should look like? Check out the resources we have available at about how to successfully share Isagenix.

4. The Samples

Four people sitting on a couch talking and enjoying Isagenix products

Make sure everyone has a chance to sample a variety of products and flavors. Provide small portions of several IsaLean® Bars, IsaDelight® chocolates, IsaLean Shakes, and/or AMPED™ Hydrate). While partygoers are trying the products, set up accounts and answer any questions. Ask a support team member to be on call that night so you can do a three-way call with them for any questions you don’t have the answer to.

5. The Follow-Up

Give those who don’t attend a call to share information and highlights from your party. Once they hear what they missed, they’ll be sure to attend the next one!

Think you’re ready to schedule your next at-home event? Let us know! (Seriously, you’ll earn some awesome prizes!)