Transform Your Body: No Gym Membership Required.

You’ve heard the expression: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” When it comes to exercise, there are many ways to make it happen, and when it comes to body transformations, yours is attainable no matter your goals.

No gym? No problem.

No equipment? You already have some!

No accountability partner? Join the IsaBody Challenge®, and find one.

Time is precious, and the stressors of work, family, and everyday life often make working out your last priority. Keep your goals at the forefront, and use these tips for working out with or without a gym to help you stay on track.

2016 IsaBody Challenge® Finalist Yovanka did it, and so can you!

Lift Yourself Up (Literally)

Strength training benefits are numerous, but if you don’t have access to free weights or machines, you can use the most sophisticated “machine” on earth: yourself.

Using your own body weight for strength and conditioning is free, offers plenty of versatile exercise options, and can be done just about anywhere. Try a few of these exercises on for size (and strength):

You can turn all of these exercises into a “circuit” by doing a set of each exercise without stopping until you’ve completed one set of every exercise, which equals one circuit. Do as many circuits of these exercises as you can (resting in between each one) in 15, 20, or even 30 minutes.

Cupboard Curls

Those large cans of beans, soup, and bags of rice aren’t just for cooking. If you don’t have access to dumbbells or machines, canned staples in your pantry can do the trick.

Need more weight? Duct tape the cans together. Or buy a gallon jug (or two) of water. You can even grab a couple bags of sand from a local home improvement or hardware store. (A couple different sizes can challenge your muscles and add variety to a workout.)

Move outside of the kitchen. Pillows, chairs, towels, and other household items can help shake up your routine by supporting your body weight and adding nontraditional movements to engage additional muscles – especially your midsection – and improve your balance.

Lift Your Morning Fog

If a 5 a.m. (or earlier) alarm isn’t your idea of starting the day, don’t fret. While there are several benefits to early morning workouts (before work or school), even doing so later in the mornings (but before breakfast) can be more practical for your busy schedule.

Still can’t find time to squeeze in an early morning workout? Take the stairs, park farther away from your destination, or bring lunch from home and use your lunch break for a brisk walk.

Exercise can be a key factor in weight management and weight loss, and you should consult your physician before starting a new exercise program. Have an IsaLean™ Bar or Shake following your workout to help supplement your nutrition. The delicious combination of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates is essential to staving off hunger while providing your body with the energy and nutrition it needs throughout the day.

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