Our lives are already integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). The voice activation feature on our phones, online shopping websites, music subscription apps, and social networks are all powered by AI. But what exactly is AI, why is it crucial to your business, and how can the AI-powered Penny app propel your business forward? Let’s find out.

What is artificial intelligence? 

Man looking at graphs and charts on a laptop

AI is any automated system, software, or program that replicates tasks performed by humans. These can include planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and even social intelligence and creativity. 

Seeing these capabilitiesit’s no surprise that modern businesses are adopting AI and that the trend is here to stay. The fact is, with the way business is done at the speed of today’s marketplace, AI is now a business requirement.  

You may feel like youre being put into a tricky situation by being forced to adopt a new technology. But the good news is, AI is becoming more readily available to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Plus, implemented AI solutions for your business have never been easier.  

Let’s look at exactly why AI is becoming so critical and how it can help you take the next step in building your business.  

Artificial intelligence in action 

Woman with glasses sitting at a desk and looking at her smartphone

Here is a common phenomenon: You have decided you need a new swimsuit this summer, so you check a few out on your phone. Then later, you’re scrolling through your social feed, and the ads are all about swimsuits. The same exact ones you had been looking at!  

It may be a bit creepy, but it isn’t a coincidence. Its a modern marketing tactic that uses AI. 

So, when it comes to that swimsuit, an AI program has recognized your interest in a particular product, which triggered targeted ads to be sent to your social feed. Youve likely been added to a prospecting list as well, where you will receive sales and marketing emails based on your interests.  

Why are businesses adopting artificial intelligence? 

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Having access to AI, from a business perspective, is like having a whole team of people working toward attracting new Customers, retaining current Customers, fulfilling orders, and making intelligent recommendations and plans — but with a single program instead of actual personnel. 

One of the most attractive features of AI for businesses is its ability to take raw data and turn it into actionable insights. AI can analyze infinite amounts of data and return smart prospecting lists, pipeline forecasting, revenue management, and risk prediction. Businesses can use this information to plan, allocate resources, target new and prospective Customers, and work to retain current Customers.  

What can artificial intelligence do for your business? 

Man viewing charts and graphs on a tablet

A helping hand 

Small businesses and independent contractors like you are in a difficult position. You are probably very busy, and most likely, you are managing every aspect of your business.  

AI can serve as a virtual personal assistant. You’re probably already using some form of a virtual assistant already. Almost every smartphone and tablet now comes equipped with a voiceactivated assistant. Most commonly, these mobile versions are used for navigation, dining and entertainment recommendations, and personal communications.  

This same concept can be applied to your business. AI as a virtual assistant can help you organize your schedule, manage your tasks and workload, and set location-based reminders. This can be a huge asset to those with a packed calendar and little time for administrative tasks. Turning those smaller organizational tasks over to an automated system can save tons of time so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. 

Smarter customer management  

customer relationship management system is a tool for managing all your relationships and interactions with Customers and potential Customers. A CRM is a way to organize and optimize sales, customer service, business development, and marketing to grow your business and drive success. 

For small businesses, wellexecuted customer management is a catalyst for success. While this is very well known, many small businesses and independent contractors still use outdated CRM tools. 

This may be because previously, sophisticated CRM programs were only available at medium business or enterprise levels. Now, however, there are a multitude of CRM options for smaller businesses, and CRM tools are being made specifically for the needs of small businesses and independent contractors.  

Introducing the Penny app


Isagenix is committed to the success of our Independent Associates. With this in mind, we are proud to offer the Penny app 

Penny is an AIpowered CRM engine and virtual assistant. The app empowers you to increase engagement and provide better service in less time to ultimately grow your pipeline 

The automation of the Penny app is designed to enhance the customer experience by connecting with current and prospective Customers at the perfect time with tailored messaging and product recommendations based on Customer needs and trends.  

The AI functionality of the Penny app analyzes your business and Customer data to provide: 

  • Intelligent prospecting and Customer filtering. 
  • Product recommendations.
  • Suggested messaging. 
  • Daily activity lists. 
  • Income and cost analysis and organization. 

But wait, there’s more!

Like a fine wine, the Penny app only gets better with time. Learn how to use the app’s newest features, Team Care and Integrated Recommended Carts, along with its other outstanding capabilities, and you’ll see why the Penny app has become the go-to tool for business builders.

What’s new?

The Integrated Recommended Cart feature. Once a Recommended Cart is created in the Back Office, it can be shared through the Penny app. Penny will also show progress if items are updated or when an enrollment is started or completed. This is a free feature available to all users. Take a quick Recommended Cart video tour for all you need to know to be a pro!

Next up?

The Team Care feature. This lets you monitor your team’s performance indicators, identify emerging leaders, hold virtual power hours with your team, and directly share customized content with any member on your team.

Ready to get started? You can download the Penny app right now! Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels, and keep an eye on your inbox for more information about how you can integrate the Penny app into your sales processes and take your business to new heights.