We know cleansing can sometimes become a bit mundane, making it hard to maintain your focus and dedication. When you’re limiting your caloric intake, it can be challenging to get excited about the next serving of Cleanse for Life®. We get it.

We prepared a few unique and delicious options to help change up your Cleanse Days and inspire you to keep cleansing! If you followed us on Instagram last week, you got a firsthand look at how we like to switch up our Cleanse Days at the corporate office.

Takeaway Tokens This Week

In need of some Cleanse for Life pick-me-ups? We have you covered! Here are some of the ways we creatively cleansed last week…

Serving Option 1: Warm Tea

Did you know that Cleanse for Life can also be enjoyed as a warm tea? This is a great calming way to start or end your Cleanse Day.

 Serving 1 of Cleanse for Life 

Serving Option 2: Slushy

Take your prepared Cleanse for Life serving, add it to a blender with extra ice, and enjoy! This is a cool alternative to the traditional preparation of this nutrient-rich beverage.

Serving 2 of Cleanse for Life

Serving Option 3: Just Add Water

An actual serving of Cleanse for Life is only a few ounces, so adding more water to your prepared drink will help you feel fuller, without reducing the nutrients being absorbed in your body.

Serving 3 of Cleanse for Life

Serving Option 4: Sorbet, Anyone?

Yes, you can cleanse and have your sorbet, too! Just follow this quick and simple recipe:


Don’t lose sight of the reason you committed to this journey from the very beginning. Keep the momentum strong as you continue to Cleanse With Friends! Be sure to join us this week on #CleanseDayWednesday!