Summer is rapidly approaching! It’s time to stock up on SPF and get ready to soak up the sun. Keep your skin glowing, safe, and healthy this summer with these simple skincare tips:

From the Inside Out

sunglasses-beachtowel-82306624Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dry skin, something no one wants inside, outside, or poolside! Drink plenty of water every day, and your skin will thank you.

Supplement with vitamin D. Sure, soaking up the sun is synonymous with getting your vitamin D, but it’s not really that simple. Sun exposure prompts your body to make vitamin D, unless you’ve slapped on sunscreen. Make sure your daily multivitamin includes plenty of vitamin D. We recommend our Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack.

Topical Treatments

Moisturize day AND night. In the morning, apply a high-quality moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. At night, use a moisturizing cream without SPF that will leave your skin refreshed and renewed. Look for products without artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, or other irritants. We recommend our Rejuvity® Moisturizing Day Cream with SPF 15 and our Rejuvity Renewing Night Cream.

Exfoliate. When you remove dead skin cells, you reveal smoother skin that gives you a gorgeous summer glow. Limit your exfoliating treatments to twice weekly, and don’t use an abrasive cleanser. Look for an exfoliator that is gentle but effective, like our Rejuvity Bamboo Exfoliating Polish.

Protect! Protect your beautiful skin from head to toe with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays without including ingredients like phthalates and PABA. You’ll also want a formula that applies easily, is non-comedogenic, and can be used by the whole family. Don’t forget to reapply!