If you’re aiming to bring health and happiness into your life in the form of New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want these things for 2020?

While some people may rain on your parade for setting goals that begin Jan. 1, one master trainer says he thinks New Year’s resolutions are a great way to get started.

“I actually like the idea of getting ramped up at the start of a new year,” said Rod Redzanic, master trainer and 2019 Team Isagenix ambassador. “It’s a good time for self-reflection and self-improvement.”

But we all know achieving grand resolutions is often easier said than done, and Rod agrees, recognizing that many people tend to lose motivation quickly. However, there are plenty of ways you can make 2020 different. Lucky for us, Rod is sharing some of his best tips for staying motivated.

Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality.

Rod Redzanic and his wife working out with their children at home

When you resolve to eat healthier, work out more, or consume less sugar, it can be easy to set rigid rules for yourself that only end up getting in the way of your progress. Thoughts like, “Well, I already ate that cupcake, so I may as well skip my afternoon workout and eat fast food for dinner.”

Rod cautions against this all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to reaching your goals and wants you to remember that you can still indulge in a treat or skip a workout from time to time. It’s all about living a balanced lifestyle.

For example, when you know you have a week full of social plans, allow yourself to enjoy those moments while staying on track in your free time.

“Save your treats and cocktails for when you have social engagements, and keep your structure in place when there are no special plans,” he said. “Up your water intake, and rely on the Isagenix products to maintain your progress.”

Avoid setting long-term goals that don’t include short-term goals along the way.


Don’t start the year with a resolution that’s so grand it leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, set small goals for yourself that will lead you toward your ultimate goal.

“Don’t overthink it,” said Rod. “Just be sure to make small changes and hit new strides each week. Plan ahead — both your routine for the gym and your nutrition — and track your progress.”

By setting goals that allow you to see progress each week, you will be able to build momentum and will be more likely to stay motivated so you can reach your end goal.

Don’t go it alone.

“If possible, grab a couple of accountability partners to keep you committed to your goals,” Rod said. “You’re going to have moments when you start to feel unmotivated, and this is when a community of support will come in handy.”

We all know the importance of having an accountability partner when trying to reach our goals, yet many of us still try to do it alone. Remember, not only will your accountability partner be there to help you stay on track, but they’ll also be there to celebrate the wins!

Meet Rod

Rod Redzanic and his wife and two children holding hands

Rod Redzanic has a master’s degree in business and finance but has always been passionate about fitness. He started doing personal training while in grad school and started running his own boot camp classes in 2008. After being laid off from his corporate career, Rod decided to turn that hobby into a business. He was then introduced to Isagenix while buying gym equipment from a woman he met on Facebook. The rest is history!

Now, he and his wife build their Isagenix business together, and Rod provides boot camp classes, fitness plans, and nutrition plans through his personal business.

Meet Rod at New Year Kick Off 2020, where he’ll be one of the trainers hosting the IsaBody® Workout!