Thousands of amazing individuals participate in the IsaBody Challenge® each year, dedicating themselves to 16 weeks of hard work as they transform their bodies and their lives in myriad ways. We’re so lucky to be a part of it as we see firsthand what it takes to complete this Challenge and meet so many incredible participants spanning all 50 states.

Our participants for Judging Period 3 are inspiring, and we’ve received so many touching stories of passion and dedication. So, without further ado, let’s announce our latest U.S. IsaBody® Finalists!

Please meet the outstanding individuals who were selected as the 2020 U.S. Judging Period 3 IsaBody Challenge Finalists!

Andrew Bischoff's before and progress photosAndrew Bischoff
Minnetonka, Minnesota
Age: 38
Height: 6’2”
Total Weight Gain: 2 pounds of lean muscle*
Challenges Completed: 7

You would think that after seven Challenges, the IsaBody journey would seem routine for Andrew, but it’s not — those 16 weeks change each time. He’s made working out and giving his body the right nutrition more than just a habit. It’s his way of life. But it wasn’t until this Challenge that Andrew stopped focusing on his physical appearance and making gains in the gym. This Challenge, he focused on showing his children what a healthy lifestyle looks like, and for the first time, he felt comfortable in his own skin.

“I am whatever I say I am, and it shall manifest when I put in the work,” he said. “This is my challenge for myself, and it’s the lesson I want to instill in my children.”

In a time of social media comparisons, Andrew is choosing to live his life authentically and without masks. He shows his real self even though he may miss a day every now and then, doubt himself from time to time, or lose sight of his progress. It’s OK because he shows up for himself way more often than not.

“I believe in myself more every day,” he said. “I give myself grace for where I am because that’s exactly where I should be. Here I am: perfectly imperfect and loving it.”

Ashley Pederson before and progress photosAshley Pederson
St. Paul, Minnesota
Age: 35
Height: 5’7”
Total Weight Loss: 60 pounds**
Challenges Completed: 1

Ashley tried the Isagenix products for a short few months in 2017, but despite loving the products and how they made her feel, she wasn’t truly committed to making a healthy change. It wasn’t until her 35th birthday that she decided she was tired of how she felt and ready to start getting healthy.

At the time, Ashley was drinking several energy drinks a day but still couldn’t find the energy to take her girls to the park or on a walk. She was struggling with getting through the day and becoming self-conscious.

Now with the help of Isagenix products and the IsaBody Challenge, everything has changed for Ashley.

“I have the energy to play and run alongside my 4-, 9-, and 15-year-old!” she said. “I work out on a regular basis, have my confidence back, and have cut toxic habits and people out of my life.”

When Ashley looks in the mirror, she’s proud of who she’s becoming, and when she thinks about the future, it now excites her.

“I’m so grateful for Isagenix and can’t wait to see where I’ll be after my next 16-week Challenge!”

Kim Nase before and progress photosKim Nase
Lynnwood, Washington
Age: 33
Height: 5’7”
Total Weight Loss: 36 pounds**
Challenges Completed: 6

“This last Challenge was really special to me,” said Kim. “I learned that where you are now (physically, emotionally, financially) is not where you have to stay. Where you are now can either be a lifetime, or just a season — and it’s entirely up to you.”

Kim spent years saying yes to everyone and everything and lost her voice and direction for where she wanted her life to go. She gained 70 pounds at the end of her pregnancy, left her job, and felt exhausted physically and mentally, which left her feeling stuck. After years of pleasing others, she was done. She needed to do something for herself: Enter the IsaBody Challenge.

At first, Kim said no to the Challenge. She didn’t think it was for someone like her, but now, she’s learned to embrace what she wants to resist. She’s learned to set goals and say no to anything that doesn’t serve them. With IsaBody, she’s found her community and the people who will push her to do the hard things so she can grow.

“This Challenge isn’t about looking good; it’s about being able to live better, bigger, and bolder,” said Kim. “It’s about not giving up and about finally finding my voice and knowing how to use it to help others.”

Tim Brown before and progress photosTim Brown
Midlothian, Texas
Age: 33
Height: 5’9”
Total Weight Loss: 41 pounds**
Challenges Completed: 3

Tim just finished his third IsaBody Challenge and first year with Isagenix and can’t believe how much his life has changed since saying yes to Isagenix. His year started with a goal to lose weight. He then transitioned to building muscle and is now dedicated to maintaining his results while working on smaller goals.

His routine includes IsaPro® and AMPED™ products to ensure he’s giving his body the nutrition and protein it needs to succeed. He is excited to see how incorporating more of the AMPED products can further his gains and his success.

“I love sharing my experience with others and exposing more people to Isagenix,” said Tim. “I often get asked what I’m doing to get the results I’ve achieved, and people are often skeptical about a program like this … so was I. Now, I enjoy showing people my photos from when I first started alongside my photos from my latest Challenge.

“All you need is the drive to achieve the results and the discipline to follow the Isagenix System. I’m entering my fourth Challenge and can’t wait to see what I can accomplish this next year.”

Tony Labriola before and progress photosTony Labriola
Southbury, Connecticut
Age: 50
Height: 5’10”
Total Weight Loss: 40 pounds**
Challenges Completed: 5

“I was 35 when my life was thrown into chaos,” Tony said. “Actually … it was already chaos. 35 was just when everything fell apart.”

At 35, Tony was a single dad to his 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. He was holding down a high-stress job where family came second: 60+ hour weeks, travel on a moment’s notice, and availability 24/7. He was unhappy and overwhelmed and was pushing 300 pounds. His dad, who had always been healthy and fit, told Tony he was worried about his weight — something he had never said before. Tony laughed it off, but it broke his heart.

Now, nine years later, Tony feels like a new man. He lost 40 pounds on his own and much more since starting Isagenix.* He’s started, completed, and repeated the IsaBody Challenge five times with no plans of stopping and has embraced a larger purpose in life thanks to the personal development tools at Isagenix.

“I simply cannot bear the thought of anyone going through life like I did when I was 35,” said Tony. “That’s why my wife, Jen, and I have created a coaching group to help others — we are champions of the IsaLife™. This company, these products, and this community have been not only life-changing, but life-saving.”

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*Weight loss, muscle gain, lifestyle, and other results depicted here reflect exceptional individual experiences of Isagenix Customers and should not be construed as typical or average. Results vary with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns, time, exercise, and other factors, such as genetic and physiological makeup.​

**Weight loss should not be considered typical. A two-phase 2016 study published by researchers at Skidmore College showed an average weight loss of 24 pounds after 12 weeks. The study evaluated the use of Isagenix products in men and women for weight loss followed by weight maintenance. As part of the weight loss phase, the participants took part in a calorie-controlled regimen of Shake Days and one Cleanse Day per week. During the weight maintenance phase, the subjects who continued the calorie-controlled program using Isagenix products better maintained their weight loss in comparison to those who transitioned to a traditional diet after 52 weeks. For more information on the study, see