Finalist Conquers Lifelong Battle With Failure, Emerges Victorious!

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Have you ever given up on a diet regime because you didn’t see results fast enough? That’s how Julie’s numerous attempts to lose weight inevitably ended. At 288 pounds, Julie was hurting – emotionally and physically – but she was setting herself up for failure before she even started by giving herself permission to quit if she didn’t see instant results.

Finding Body Love: A Finalist’s IsaBody Story

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Amber struggled with yo-yo dieting for almost 20 years. After moving to a new city across the country, she was ready to make a change. She and her fiancé made the commitment together to live a happier and healthier life. Soon after, they were introduced to Isagenix. With the IsaBody Challenge® community, she found the support she was looking for. She felt encouraged and inspired in her journey every day, and over the course of three Challenges, she’s lost 22 pounds and has put on lean muscle!*

Announcing Your NYKO 2018 Finalists!

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We’ve approached the end of another IsaBody Challenge®, and this judging period uncovered some remarkable finalists! These five individuals dedicated 16 weeks to their transformation, and their hard work has paid off! Each of these IsaBody™ [...]