Whether it’s your first IsaBody Challenge® or your 15th, transformations take hard work, dedication, and most importantly, support. Taking advantage of IsaBody™ support tools such as the IsaBody Guide, IsaBody 16-Week Journal, and IsaBody Look Book can help you transform your body, build your business, and share your journey.

If you’ve never participated in an IsaBody Challenge, the first place you will want to start is the Guide to the IsaBody Challenge(Also available in Spanish!) The Guide is a great way to learn how to get started with your Challenge. It will show you the right and wrong way to take your “before” and “after” pictures, explain the judging periods, and describe the prizes you could win for completing the Challenge. The Guide also lists out support tools, such as IsaBody Fitness, the IsaBody Facebook group, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and the support email, to help you become part of the IsaBody community. Plus, if you flip to the back of the Guide, you can read testimonials from past finalists about how to use the Challenge to succeed.

While participating in your IsaBody Challenge, make sure you use the IsaBody 16-Week Journal every day. The 16-Week Journal now has new, updated recipes so you have healthy food options at your fingertips. It also provides insight into a typical day in the life of 2017 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner Helen Costa-Giles and contains worksheets and activities to help you stay on track and accountable during your 16-week transformation. Plus, if you’re looking for a daily accountability tool, make sure to purchase the IsaBody Daily Journal.

Once you have completed your Challenge, flip through your IsaBody Look Book to see all the amazing transformations that IsaBody participants have experienced. Who knows? You might even be featured in the book someday! Showing the Look Book to others is a great way to share how the IsaBody Challenge can help everyone transform their body! And as one of the best-selling sales tools that Isagenix has to offer, the Look Book can also be the perfect tool to help you transform your business!

So do you want to work toward a total-body transformation and change your life for the better? Then enroll in the next IsaBody Challenge! The last day to register for Judging Period 3 is Feb. 28. And for those of you currently participating in Judging Period 2, be sure to mark your calendars that maintenance photo week is from Feb. 21 to 28. You won’t want to miss out on this, because we also have a brand-new incentive trip for Judging Period 2, the Arizona Retreat! Good luck!