At Global Celebration 2018, we announced that moving forward, we will now crown a GLOBAL IsaBody™ Grand Prize Winner each year at Global Celebration. That’s right – when you compete in the IsaBody Challenge, not only could you be named the Grand Prize Winner of your country, you could also be crowned the Global Grand Prize Winner! But, you must complete your Challenge (and send in your maintenance photos) by Nov. 8, 2018 to be included in this judging period.

2018 IsaBody Finalists

Dates and Deadlines

We’re so excited to start a new chapter of IsaBody but remember, the dates and deadlines for competing in the IsaBody Challenge haven’t changed.

Participants who complete the competition after June 21 will be judged in their country-specific Challenge. So, if you’re a Canadian Customer and complete the IsaBody Challenge between June 21 and Nov. 8, you’re set to compete in the first-ever Canada IsaBody Challenge. If you’re a U.S. Customer and complete the IsaBody Challenge between June 21 and Nov. 8, you’re set to compete in the first-ever U.S. IsaBody Challenge.

This will be our BIGGEST judging period yet (our ‘super’ judging period), so you don’t want to miss it!

Crowning the Winner

We will crown the first U.S. IsaBody Grand Prize Winner at New Year Kick Off 2019 and the first Canada IsaBody Grand Prize Winner at Canada Celebration 2019. The U.S. and Canada IsaBody Grand Prize Winners will be joined by all international IsaBody Grand Prize Winners from other markets at Global Celebration 2019 for the selection of our FIRST-EVER Global IsaBody Grand Prize Winner.

Not only will this incredible IsaBody Challenge participant get the bragging rights of being the first person to ever earn the title of Global Grand Prize Winner, he or she will win US$50,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Global Celebration 2020!

Everyone who completes this Challenge has an incredible transformation to share, so when it comes to judging, we’ve got our work cut out for us! Be sure to complete yours by Nov. 8 so you can be one of thousands to compete to be the FIRST-EVER Global Grand Prize Winner.

If you completed your Challenge and uploaded your materials prior to Oct. 18, be sure to upload maintenance photos between Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 to be eligible for this judging period.

Any Questions? Ask Us!

We know you probably have other questions about these exciting changes to one of the largest programs at Isagenix. Feel free to email, and as always, check out for all the Challenge info, prize details, and more.