Lately, it feels like bad news stories and fear of the unknown are hard to escape, but you can’t let those things send your stress levels through the roof. Maintaining your stress is a super important part of taking care of yourself, and right now, taking care of ourselves should be our No. 1 goal. Plus, when you’re in control of your stress and in a chill state of mind, it’s much easier to take news and situations as they come because you can think more clearly and remain calm.

Taking Control of Your Stress

There are many things you can do while staying at home that will help you manage your stress levels. One of those is taking care of your physical health. According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, which puts more pep in your step every day. Working out also has some direct stress reduction benefits like pumping up your endorphins and improving your mood.

Here are some ways you can work on increasing your physical health to clear your head and reduce your stress. Even if you’ve always been a dedicated exerciser, each of these methods has a little extra stress-busting power.

3 Exercise Tips for Reducing Stress

Exercise mindfully.

woman does yoga on balcony

If you can’t get your mind off something, try doing your favorite exercise and focusing on the movement of your body instead. Whether you’re focused on your feet hitting the pavement during a run or releasing the tension from your neck and shoulders while doing some yoga, moving your body while taking your mind someplace happier is a win-win.

If you don’t know what exercise is best for you, try working out with us at IsaBody® Fitness. This program is free in the IsaLife™ app when you register for the IsaBody Challenge®.

Take your movement outside (if safe to do so).

Person going for a run outside

In most areas, it’s still considered safe to get outside for some fresh air as long as you’re following all necessary precautions. Whether you’re taking a stroll, doing a high-intensity interval training workout, or practicing yoga, just being outside will improve your stress levels while you’re increasing your strength. Feel the fresh air on your skin, take note of all the beauty surrounding you, and start feeling your stress melt away.

Set goals that are within your control.

notebook with wording

In a time when so much is out of our control, set some goals for yourself that you can tackle, goals that will improve your physical health. Sure, it does suck not to be able to go to the gym anymore, but you can do pushups anywhere. Set a goal to improve your form, increase the number of reps you can complete in a minute, or learn a new kind of pushup (like a diamond pushup).

Some other goals may include increasing your water intake, hitting 10,000 steps a day, or being more diligent about stretching. Focusing on that which you have the power to change will not only lead to better physical health but will also help you set a positive mindset each day.

If you’re feeling your stress levels getting higher, I hope you’ll try these three methods for reducing your stress while increasing your strength!