Shred fat, build muscle, and feel amazing by finding out which shake will help you reach your health goals.

When IsaLean® Shake first debuted, Harry Potter was navigating the Chamber of Secrets, Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man, and the first cellphone with a camera came out. Although it seems like it wasn’t that long ago, it really was. Since then, Isagenix has greatly expanded its line of nutritional, protein-packed shakes.

While this means there are options for everyone, it also means it can be a bit overwhelming to choose between the different options and find a shake or combination best suited for you.

Before you choose, it’s important to learn about all the different Isagenix whey- and plant-based protein shakes.

Let’s dive in so you can find the perfect shake for your needs and fast-track your journey to becoming your healthiest and happiest self.

IsaLean Shake 

          3 IsaLean Shake canisters

The classic, the original, the shake that started it all. IsaLean Shake takes the guesswork out of meal replacements and nutrient-dense meals for a healthy diet. It is simple and easy to make and tastes amazing. This shake features high-quality whey protein from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows.

IsaLean Shakes provide balanced nutrition complete with vitamins and minerals, good fats, energy-fueling carbohydrates, filling fiber,* and high-quality protein. IsaLean Shake is a great go-to meal on its own and as part of a comprehensive weight loss system.

*IsaLean Shakes contain 5-8 grams of fat per serving.

Go with IsaLean Shake if:

  • You want more nutritious, balanced meals in your life that are convenient.
  • You’re looking to start an Isagenix Weight Loss System.

IsaLean Shake Plant-Based

3 boxes of IsaLean Shake Plant Based

IsaLean Shake Plant-Based is a vegan-friendly alternative to the traditional IsaLean Shake, providing balanced, convenient nutrition similar to the dairy-based IsaLean Shakes but also featuring a fruit and vegetable blend in place of added vitamins and minerals.

Go with IsaLean Shake Plant-Based if:

  • You like the benefits of the dairy-based IsaLean Shakes but are wanting a plant-based option.
  • You prefer a vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-sensitive option.

IsaLean PRO Shake

Boxes and canisters of IsaLean PRO Shake

IsaLean PRO Shake builds on the complete nutritional, protein-packed IsaLean Shake but with 36 grams of protein instead of 24 grams. The combination of the increased whey protein, which has a superior amino acid profile, makes IsaLean PRO Shake an efficient and powerful part of a nutrition system to help you reach your weight loss and muscle-building goals.

The additional protein in IsaLean PRO Shake also works even harder to promote muscle growth and maintenance. Whether you hit the gym regularly or just want to maintain muscle on the daily, IsaLean PRO may be for you.

Go with IsaLean PRO Shake if:

  • You’re an athlete or have higher calorie needs and are looking for a higher protein meal option.
  • You’ve hit a weight loss plateau and need higher protein intake to bust through it.

IsaPro Whey Protein

Vanilla and Chocolate IsaPro Whey Protein canisters

IsaPro® Whey Protein is a whey concentrate different from the meal replacement shakes we’ve covered so far. It is most often added as a protein boost to water, smoothies, or foods like protein pancakes and protein oatmeal.

Whey-based IsaPro can also be used to break through weight loss plateaus. As the star ingredient of the Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle, it provides quality protein before bed to keep your metabolism fired up while you’re sleeping and support muscle recovery.

Go with IsaPro if:

  • You like the convenience of adding IsaPro to your favorite shake and food recipes.

IsaPro Plant-Based Protein

Vanilla and Chocolate IsaPro Plant-Based Protein canisters

IsaPro Plant-Based Protein is a plant-based alternative to IsaPro Whey Protein. Plant-based IsaPro offers the same convenient way to add a protein boost to your favorite smoothies and foods with plant-based ingredients friendly for vegans, vegetarians, and those sensitive to dairy. Recipes like protein balls, protein oatmeal, and protein pancakes can easily be boosted with a quick scoop of plant-based IsaPro.

Go with plant-based IsaPro if:

  • You like the convenience of whey-based IsaPro but prefer a version that is friendly for vegetarians, vegans, and those with dairy sensitivity.

AMPED Tri-Release Protein

2 canisters of AMPED Tri-Release Protein

AMPED™ Tri-Release Protein is a premium performance protein designed to help you get results fast. Anyone concerned with muscle building — this one’s for you! With a premium blend of proteins from whey, egg white, and milk, plus patented Velositol®, AMPED Tri-Release Protein offers everything your muscles need to grow and recover.

This isn’t just for muscleheads either. Maximizing muscle support is important for weight loss and getting your body in the shape you want.

Go with AMPED Tri-Release Protein if:

  • You want to take your exercise, weight loss, and muscle-building program to off-the-charts levels.


Velositol® is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC and is patent protected.