03-19-16-PRODUCT-AthletesSleepSpray-IsaFYI-700x112Peak athletic performance requires disciplined training and a focus on nutrition and nutritional timing. But one thing athletes shouldn’t ignore is a good night’s sleep. Sleep is so much more than an indulgence at the end of a long day of training. Sleep is an effective tool to help you recover after a long workout. Here’s why:

  • Sleep is important for optimal recovery. Consistently missing just one hour of sleep can alter insulin sensitivity, body weight, and other important hormones that help your body recover.
  • Sleep helps you maintain an optimal body composition. Not getting a good night’s sleep can reduce the amount of fat you burn in a day .

What’s the Solution? Better Sleep!

For a better night’s sleep, try Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal™, a fast-acting melatonin spray to help improve the quality of sleep. A restful night’s sleep supports healthy aging, immune function, and cardiovascular and brain health.*

A clinical trial found five milligrams of melatonin taken an hour before bed helped subjects sleep longer and deeper. Plus, the subjects found that taking melatonin made it easier for them to get up in the morning, and they felt more alert overall the next day.

To learn more about the science behind Sleep Support & Renewal, check out this Isagenix Health article.

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