Former NFL Player Finds Renewed Passion with Isagenix

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Former NFL player Justin lost his passion for health and fitness after being forced into early retirement from the game he loved. After eating unhealthy, gaining weight, and refusing to step into a gym, he found renewed hope, purpose, and opportunity for his future through his Isagenix family and the IsaBody Challenge®.

Army Veteran Finds Peace and Health Through Isagenix

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Army veteran Amanda had returned from her time in the service and tour in Iraq with a heavy heart. It had taken a major toll on her mind and body. Amanda didn’t know how to escape the sadness and darkness she felt. Through the IsaBody Challenge®, Amanda found herself and her happiness again.

IsaBody Finalist Says Adios to ‘Muffin Top’

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“My oldest daughter had this song on her cell phone called ‘The Muffin Top’ song,” laughs James. “So every time I would take my shirt off, she would put on this ‘Muffin Top’ song, and I think that was the defining moment. Even though it sounds cruel, she’d say, ‘Dad, you’re kind of fat...’” It was an eye-opener for James—and with the support of his wife—he decided not to let his injury, work, and yes, even “The Muffin Top” song get the best of him.

No More ‘Skirting’ Around the Issue: IsaBody Finalist Fits Back into High School Attire!

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Today, Amy’s lost nine pant sizes and is now 115 pounds.* Her favorite part? She kept a skirt from high school and hung it outside her closet every day during the Challenge for inspiration. Read on to learn more about Amy's story.