Your 90-Day Game Plan: It’s Launch Party Week!

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It’s Launch Party Week! And we’ve got a great promotion to help you share Isagenix: a $25 product coupon.* Get all the details and set yourself up for success! Plus, learn how to maximize your Launch Party success. Then don’t forget the two contests throughout November: IsaDerby™ and the Welcome Home Challenge.

$25 Product Coupon* for New Members This Week Only!

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Whether you’re completing a 90-Day Game Plan, or just sharing Isagenix, it’s a great week to help someone new start using our Solutions to Transform Lives™. Why not host a Launch Party? We’re offering a US$25 (CA$25) product coupon* for one week only! Get all the details now and don’t miss out!

Tool in the Spotlight: Launch Party Kit

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A Launch Party is great way to introduce a group of people to Isagenix, all at once. Introducing our tool in the spotlight, which is available at, the Launch Party Kit contains everything you need to host a successful home meeting! This is a must-have for anyone participating in the 90-Day Game Plan or IsaDerby™.

Your 90-Day Game Plan: It’s Launch Party Week!

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It's the first Launch Party Week of the 90-Day Game Plan. A successful Launch Party is the goal for any host. To help you reach your goals, we’ve created a disaster-proof tool for your Launch Party: the Launch Party Kit. Also, read more to learn about free* membership and how to maximize your Launch Party Week success especially for IsaDerby™!

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