Top 10 IsaFYI Articles of 2017

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In a few short weeks, 2017 will come to a close, but before we embark on a brand-new year filled with exciting new goals, let’s look back at the articles that influenced YOU most on your health and wellness journey.

Customer First 2.0!

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Since we launched the Customer First initiative in March 2017, we’ve continued to improve the entire Customer experience in an ongoing effort to make Isagenix the largest and most friendly health and wellness company in the world! There are many exciting improvements intended to get your new Customers started the right way.

Earn Product Introduction Rewards for Sharing Isagenix!

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At Isagenix, we’ve always put our Customers first. Through the Customer First initiative, Isagenix Associates will continue to earn monetary compensation through Product Introduction Bonuses (PIBs), and our Customers will now earn Product Introduction Rewards (PIRs) in the form of product coupons! Learn how Customers and Preferred Customers can earn Product Introduction Rewards!

Introducing Customer First, Our Most Important Initiative Ever!

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Isagenix is excited to announce the launch of our most important initiative ever! Aptly named Customer First, this initiative recognizes the essential role Customers play at Isagenix. Whether you are a Customer or an Associate, Customer First provides many exciting enhancements to your experience with Isagenix. Learn how you can benefit.

We’re Improving the User Experience on Our Global Corporate Website

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Thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Customers around the world, Isagenix has seen massive success and growth over the last 15 years! Like any evolving customer-driven company, we are constantly looking for ways to support our Customers by creating tools and resources to help us push toward our goal of becoming the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Customer First Zoom Call Training

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Customer First is the biggest initiative in Isagenix history and was designed with you, our Associates, in mind, to expand and protect the Isagenix opportunity with no-compromise, responsible business practices. To ensure all of your questions are answered before our official launch on March 27, 2017, join members of the Executive Leadership Team on one of the weekly Zoom calls.