From Twice Her Size to Triathlete

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After starting a family and focusing all her energy on her kids and family business, Dawn Bartolini noticed her weight increasing. She tried many different weight loss programs but didn’t have much success. A friend introduced her to Isagenix, and Dawn took to the products immediately. Years after her first shake, Dawn is down 100 pounds and has maintained her weight loss!

Announcing Your NYKO 2018 Finalists!

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We’ve approached the end of another IsaBody Challenge®, and this judging period uncovered some remarkable finalists! These five individuals dedicated 16 weeks to their transformation, and their hard work has paid off! Each of these IsaBody™ [...]

Let Whey Thins Help You Maintain Focus & Fuel

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Whether you start or end your days with a workout, or somewhere in between, it is crucial to fuel your body with the energy it needs to start, sustain, and cease your busy days. Maintaining good health shouldn’t become a chore either; good health is the direct product of diligent discipline, smart snacking, and better health-conscious choices.
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