Amy Brantner is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, a gym owner, and a believer in the Isagenix products and mission. But Amy didn’t used to hold all of these titles. In fact, she was initially skeptical of both the Isagenix products and the opportunity.

So, how did Amy end up as a champion of the Isagenix brand? She took things one step at a time and saw the results for herself.

Step 1: Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Although she didn’t know it at the time, Amy’s Isagenix story started when she got fed up with feeling run down, out of breath, overweight, and unable to keep up with her two kids. She began researching how she could make a healthy change in her life, and thus, her passion for fitness and nutrition was born. Amy committed to becoming a student and going to school to further her nutritional education. From there, her spark for healthy change really began to flourish.

By 2012, before her 40th birthday, Amy set an aggressive goal to participate in a bodybuilding competition. She crushed that goal, which fueled her passion for nutrition and ignited her love and appreciation for science and how it played an integral role in her training and daily fitness routines.

Amy quickly learned that if you want to see and feel a change, “there is no quick fix and no magic pill” to help you achieve results quicker and faster. Her studies helped her accept the fact that it would take time, dedication, and a strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve the change she wanted to see.

Step 2: Trusting a Client

By the time Amy began competitively bodybuilding, she had already established herself as a local gym owner in Spokane, Washington. She was splitting her time between competing, training, and managing her gym, helping others achieve health and wellness like she had done herself years earlier.

One client took notice of her dedication, drive, and desire to help others achieve success with their health. This client in turn had something she wanted to offer Amy — Isagenix products.

Amy initially turned down her client’s offer. She was a skeptic and had good reason to be. Plenty of “nutritional” products were floating around on the market that had very little quality or scientific research behind them.

But after several more offers from this same client (2 years’ worth, to be exact) and several more “no, thank-you’s” from Amy, something told her to let her guard down and give the products a try.

Step 3: Researching the Science

With a background in fitness and nutrition, Amy was selective when it came to health products. She knew that not all foods are created equal, and though she trusted her client, she wanted to do her due diligence in investigating these new products.

Amy decided to attend an Isagenix event with a friend where she was able to listen to a presentation about the science behind Isagenix products. It was there she learned just how multifaceted the products were.

In a recent interview, Amy shared the following about that pivotal moment:

“I found out Isagenix was more for the health of your body and not just weight loss.”

In fact, there’s a science to conditioning our bodies, and Isagenix had the research to prove it. This is the driving force behind why Amy continues to use the products.

She went on to say this about her nutrition philosophy:

“It has to be backed by science, or I will not take a look at it.”

Step 4: Feeling the Positive Effects of the Products

Amy Brantner deadlifting

These products were not only backed by science, but they were also effective. When Amy began incorporating meal replacement bars and shakes into her routine, she began to notice a difference in the way she felt and performed. By combining her hard work with quality nutrition, she continued to build more muscle and burn more fat.

In her words, “Training for competitions became so much easier!”

This gave her an edge that propelled her career to the next level. With her newfound strength and stamina, Amy decided to add powerlifting to her athletic repertoire. She became a force, not just in the way she trained and competed but also as a business owner.

Step 5: Becoming Part of a Legacy

Amy Brantner with her medals

When Amy originally opened her gym, her personal mission was to get her community healthy. She was and still is doing this, but now as an Isagenix product user, she’s able to increase her reach outside of her community, expand her mission, and grow her personal business.

The best part of building a business with Isagenix is that you’re undoubtedly cementing your place as part of a legacy company. What this means for business owners like Amy is that she and her family can benefit from the continuous growth and demand for worldwide health and wellness for years to come.

Step 6: Changing Her Perspective on Life

Amy Brantner flexing

Because of her prior skeptical mindset, Amy says she now tries to keep an open mind when it comes to trying new things. It’s a lesson we can all learn from and apply to our everyday lives.

Opportunities will always present themselves, but it’s up to you to be willing to flip the switch. Remember, “NO” is just “ON” already looking in the right direction.

Will you continue to say no and walk away from opportunities, or will you turn your switch on and follow that spark of light burning inside of you just like Amy did?