It’s easy to dismiss new diet trends that come and go, but intermittent fasting is not your typical fad diet. It’s far from it. 

What Is Intermittent Fasting? 

It’s simply the practice of alternating between periods of eating and fasting. In fact, it’s been the subject of scientific investigation for close to a century. Researchers recently evaluated the scientific evidence. They determined that short-term periods of intermittent fasting done on a weekly basis is just as effective as standard diets. Intermittent fasting appears to be more effective than standard calorie restriction due to its flexibility. This makes intermittent fasting a sustainable lifestyle choice to support long-term health. 

Intermittent Fasting With Isagenix 

Isagenix makes intermittent fasting easier and more accessible. Our nutritional tools are designed to support the fasting process. Here are three tips for success when intermittent fasting with Isagenix: 

  1. Use the Tools

Take advantage of approved nutritional support throughout the day. It is always important to be conscious of calorie intake and only use what’s necessary for you personally – the goal is to consume as few calories as you possibly can. By having your regularly spaced nutritional support, you are providing your body with a steady source of nutrition while also keeping calories at a healthy level. 

  1. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Abstaining from normal meals and foods can be tough if you haven’t prepared for it mentally and physically. Isagenix recommends completing at least two Shake Days prior to a Cleanse Day, but for some, up to two weeks of Shake Days may be necessary to prepare for a successful Cleanse Day experience. Use these days to incorporate the nutrient-dense and nutritious foods – this will help prepare you to start reducing your calorie intake. Better yet, gradually cutting back on excess calories ahead of time will make it easier to complete both successful Shake Days and Cleanse Days in the future. 

  1. Hydrate

Hydration is extremely important on Cleanse Days. Stay hydrated by drinking adequate water throughout the day. You may also support hydration on Cleanse Days with other calorie-free beverages like plain, unsweetened coffee, and herbal teas or beverages  if needed. 

Not drinking enough water, especially on a Cleanse Day, can be a concern for many people. However, as with anything, it’s also possible to get too much of a good thing. By paying attention to your body’s cues, you can be confident that you’re making the best choice for your health. Some general guidelines you can follow from the Institute of Medicine is to consume between 2.7 liters (11 cups) and 3.7 liters (16 cups) of total water to meet the hydration needs of most healthy adults. 

More Than Weight Loss 

While weight loss may be the most compelling argument for intermittent fasting, an increasing number of studies have also highlighted its benefits for better overall health and well-being. 

So, are you ready to better your health? Let Isagenix help you incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine.