Isabody Challenge Deadlines

If you are among the thousands of people participating in the current IsaBody Challenge®, congratulations! We are so proud of you, and you should be, too!

Help make this the biggest round of IsaBody Challenge completions to date! In order to officially complete the Challenge, remember to finish these last few steps:

  • Submit all materials through your Back Office by November 8.
  • If you completed your Challenge for the 2017 New Year Kick Off (NYKO) judging period prior to October 18, maintenance photos are required. For NYKO, be sure to submit your maintenance photos between November 1 and November 8. Our judges love to see how you have maintained, or even improved, your results since you completed your Challenge!
  • The deadline to upload your “after” photos and essay is also November 8. While you have two weeks to upload your “after” photos and essay from the time your Challenge ends, if your two-week submission window falls over a deadline to be eligible for a particular judging period, in this case November 8, all materials must still be submitted by the November 8 deadline to be in that judging period. Materials submitted after that date (but before your two-week submission deadline) will be included in the following judging period.

The date you submit your completion materials, not your 16-week end date, determines the judging period you are placed in and if you will need to submit maintenance photos.

Your Back Office is your go-to destination for uploading “before,”  “after,” and maintenance pictures, tracking monthly body measurements, referencing important deadlines, and accessing incredible training tools.

Get Rewarded for Your Success

Not only does the Challenge give you the chance to achieve your health goals, but you are also rewarded for your success. Everyone who completes their Challenge and fulfills all requirements by the deadline is eligible for the following prizes:

  • A $200 product certificate
  • An IsaBody Challenge T-shirt
  • An entry into a drawing for a spot on the 2017 IsaBody Escape
  • The opportunity to become one of five finalists who each win $3,000!

Finalists also have the opportunity to compete against other finalists from each of the three yearly Challenge periods and are able to compete for an even bigger prize: the title of IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner and the title of IsaBody Challenge Runner-Up. As the Grand Prize Winner, you will be awarded $25,000, and as the Runner-Up, you will be awarded $10,000 onstage at 2017 Celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Register for the Next Challenge

If you missed this Challenge period, don’t worry! Register by November 8, 2016, for the next round—the New Year Kick Off period.

If you have any questions, view our rules and FAQ.

For additional questions, contact