Not everyone who hears about Isagenix is immediately sold; in fact, some people are downright doubtful (maybe even you)! That’s exactly how one professional engineer and experienced fitness instructor (yep, he does both!) initially felt – imagine his surprise when Isagenix managed to convert him from a cautious skeptic to a true believer. Find out what changed his mind:

Meet Francois (aka Frank)

Francois Newbury is a mechanical engineer and fitness trainer from Canada. He’s also a proud husband and father who loves learning from his kids (who he refers to as his greatest teachers!) and loves learning in general! His thirst for knowledge is never quenched, which is part of what ultimately turned this once skeptical fitness trainer into an Isagenix fan.

With Isagenix, It Wasn’t Love at First Sight

As a body builder and fitness instructor, many companies had approached Frank in the hopes of signing him on for endorsements or other business opportunities. He wasn’t particularly crazy about any of them, but he was tirelessly searching for trustworthy supplements he could recommend to his clients to support his prescribed meal plans. When one of his Facebook contacts reached out to him about Isagenix, he was intrigued at the prospect of finding a reliable company with quality products for his clients but ultimately was still very cautious. After his first introduction to Isagenix, Frank began his extensive research into the products. He spent months conducting interviews, product validations, and substantial back and forth with his eventual sponsor before deciding to give Isagenix a try.

Give Three Cheers for Adaptogens

Frank gave Isagenix a whirl, and guess what happened? He fell in love with one product: Ionix® Supreme. He was already familiar with the healthy benefits of adaptogens and was recommending different products containing adaptogens to his clients. But, when he tried Ionix, he had an incredible experience and couldn’t help but want to share with others. After oodles of research, and an incredible experience with Ionix, Frank was ready to jump on the Isagenix adventure!

Life Looks Good Since Isagenix

Frank has always been fit, but Isagenix has helped him take care of his body from the inside out. He now claims to not only have more muscle mass and less body fat but also improved gut integrity and increased immunity. Plus, he says he feels better – more energy, mental sharpness, and an overall improved mood.

Frank is also delighted to be gaining stride toward his life’s mission to help people live long, healthy lives. He has built a successful Isagenix business, which he continues to expand in the hopes of helping as many peoples’ lives as he possibly can.

What’s Next for Frank?

Frank continues to be committed to the Isagenix journey. He participated in the IsaBody Challenge® this year, which he says lit a fire inside him. He also makes sure that every single day, he learns something new about health and wellness, shares Isagenix with someone, and empowers his clients to support their own health. He also plans to eventually retire from his career as an engineer and pursue his mission to positively impact the health and well-being of everyone around him full time.

How Can YOU Be as Successful as Frank? He Has Some Amazing Advice to Share With You!

In his own words, Frank advises you to, “put the products in your body and reap the benefits.” Wow! Simple and true. Other than that, Frank has also explained that you need to remember that your health is about the choices you make every day and baby steps that will help you stick with it for the long run. And when times get tough, lean on the people you love. Frank relies on his wife to be his rock when he’s struggling and spends time with his two beloved sons when he needs a burst of motivation.

For all the skeptics reading this, Frank was once one of you! Now he’s immersed in the Isagenix journey and loving every second!