The time has arrived! It’s IsaBody finalist time. These stories are posted to keep YOU motivated and as a reminder that real people achieve real goals. Check out our finalists!

Jon Sipko, Markham, ON
Jon had a moment that would change his entire outlook on life this year. After finding out his partner, Kary was pregnant and experiencing complete jubilation, the pregnancy was lost. After grieving, he knew he wanted to change his outlook on life. He had gained some weight and lost control of his healthy habits – which often happens when life happens.

It all begins with a choice! Quite simply I want to live my best life, loving and living with the people who are important to me! I want to be the best role model I can for friends and family and Kary’s 4 kids. I want to share my passion for health and wellness with everyone who will listen, and even those who aren’t ready to hear it, so that day when they are, they will know that there is no obstacle too big to overcome!”


Rhia Beland, Nanaimo, BC
The end of 2019 was not a fun time for this fun-loving 20-something. She had always considered herself healthy, but she started dealing with chronic digestive issues and then adult-onset asthma. After beginning every day feeling exhausted and unhappy, she decided to make a change and take things in a new direction.

Today health and fitness is the centre of my lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I wake up each morning grateful for my health, start my days off with a workout and amazing nutrition products, and go about my day feeling my absolute best. I replaced my weeknight Netflix binging with personal development, my weekends of partying with getting outdoors with my loved ones, and my self-doubt with self-love.


Sarah Doyle, Musquash, NB
Sarah says that the past 11 months have completely changed her life. Every day she says she tries to be better than she was the day before, and tries to make the best decisions she can . She has gotten clearer on what she wants and where she is going. And now, she says she can not just wish for change but knows that she can achieve.

I’m realizing sometimes we just forget who we are, and we live our lives constantly trying to make others happy but the biggest tip to happiness is that once you are happy with yourself everything else will fall into place. But you need to love yourself first. Being able to show my kids what it’s like to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, seeing workouts as fun and not a punishment to their bodies, and really being able to be present for them is everything I could have asked for.


Tina Gach, Nampa, AB
Tina is living proof that anyone can see success no matter where they live or what their circumstances. All they have to do is stay consistent and have heart. Tina says that you don’t have to spend all week at the gym or have any experience to succeed when it comes to fitness. She explains that she is from a town of fewer than 1000 people in Northern Alberta, is a mom of three young kids,  and works a job at a small restaurant. In fact, she describes herself as just your typical small-town girl living her dream. After almost 2 years, and reaching a goal weight in 7 months, her passion only grows as her goals continuously evolve.

person's before and afters for isabody

It’s almost indescribable the ways my life has changed, and the lives of those around me.  One of the most impactful things that have happened in the last 16 weeks was helping my 70-year-old dad completely transform his health. He thanks me daily for showing him a better way to live, tells me how amazing he feels and how this has improved his quality of life. I hope this healthy change has given us more time with him.