Getting motivated to start your workout is often the hardest part of staying fit, and it doesn’t help when, for many of us, our workout area is now just steps away from our couch. But we all know (deep down, at least) that we’ll feel so much better after we get it done.

If you need help getting motivated, here are four sneaky ways you can trick yourself into getting your sweat on:

Put on your favorite workout clothes

Woman doing yoga outside

If you struggle to get up and start your workout, try making it easier on yourself by having your first step taken care of. Whether that means sleeping in your running shorts or starting your workday in your activewear (I mean, why not when you’re working from home, right?), you’ll be that much more likely to ease into your workout when you’re already dressed.

Unexpected free hour in your day? Go ahead and throw in a quick HIIT session without wasting a second to put on your gear.

Try the five-minute rule

Half the battle of getting in a workout is psyching yourself up for that first rep, round, or mile. If you find yourself wondering how you’re ever going to complete the whole workout you’re eyeing, set your alarm for five minutes, and just get moving. Chances are, you’ll feel the endorphins start flowing and will be motivated to keep going.

A personal favorite of mine, I can say the five-minute method works the majority of the time. And if after five minutes you’re still not feeling it, listen to your body and take a rest day!

Walk as much as you can

As many of us continue to work from home, it can be easy to miss out on all the extra steps we used to log throughout the day. How can we blame ourselves when our office chair and after-work lounge spot are just a couple couch cushions away?

To get more steps in, challenge yourself to take your countless video and phone meetings on the go. Whether you take a walk outside with your headphones or simply walk laps around your desk, you’ll be surprised how many steps you can take during a 15-minute conference call.

Remember not all exercise means a traditional workout

Fitting in a daily workout can be overwhelming at times, especially when you have work to do, pets and kids to take care of, and a whole list of chores to complete for the house. On days when you’re feeling extra busy, shift your mindset to look at all the things you do every day as your workout.

Take your pups on a long walk, swim with your kids, or tackle all that yardwork you’ve been putting off — it totally counts as exercise! Just have fun, and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed thinking it only counts if you hit the weights. I promise, you’ll feel much better knowing you moved your body and spent time with those you love.