Isagenix University (IsaU) is headed to Newark, New Jersey, and you should be, too! Hosted from March 30 through April 1, 2017, this life-changing event will help you and your team maintain the momentum and motivation you gained from New Year Kick Off.

Who’s Training at IsaU Newark?

We have lined up an incredible team of Isagenix top leaders and corporate staff who knows exactly what it takes to develop long-lasting, sustainable success with our business opportunity. Their unique journeys and duplicable business-building styles make them the perfect candidates to step onstage and share their knowledge and experience with attendees.

At IsaU Newark, you can expect:

  • Dynamic training segments from Isagenix Owners Jim and Kathy Coover on What Drives Us and the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.
  • Invaluable product training from Isagenix Product Education Supervisor Sara Richter.
  • Tactics for developing and sharing your 30-Second Story from Trudy Maples.
  • An inspirational testimonial from 2016 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Alvie Shepherd.
  • Strategies to help you connect with people, whether in person or online, and talk to them about Isagenix from Tara Romano and Ciji Siddons.
  • Ways to identify people to include on your contact list from Abby O’Neill.
  • Tips on finding and developing your “why” from Lisa DeMayo.
  • Insider information on the beauty of following up and how to get your new Members started with Isagenix the right way from Tom Smith.

Check out IsagenixEvents.com to read our trainers’ full bios.

You will not want to miss the incredible Kathy Coover training at the Experience Isagenix presentation held Thursday, March 30, starting at 6:30 p.m. ET. This event is FREE for anyone to attend and is the perfect opportunity for you to invite anyone in your network who has shown interest in Isagenix to join you. This presentation will give them a sneak peek into the Isagenix culture, products, business opportunity, community, leadership, and more!

Get Your Ticket to IsaU Newark

Attending IsaU Newark will leave you feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated to wake up every single day and share your passion for Isagenix with others. This event can help you learn the strategies and skills needed to propel your business!

“Isagenix University is my favorite event because it’s two and a half days of full-on, to-the-point training from leaders who know the ins and outs of what it takes to build a successful business and are willing to divulge their tips and tactics to help individuals propel themselves,” says IsaU Newark trainer Ciji Siddons.

If you haven’t secured your spot in the audience at IsaU Newark yet, it’s your lucky day! Tickets for this exciting, inspiring event are still available for purchase. Please visit IsagenixEvents.com to find more information on this event and learn how to register!

Can’t make it to this IsaU in person? Don’t stress! You don’t have to miss out on all the great training and fun. Head over to IsagenixLive.com starting March 6, 2017, to purchase your ticket to watch IsaU Newark on IsagenixLive™ and gain access to the full event LIVE! Then rewatch all the action for up to 30 days following the event.