We live in a world that runs on Wi-Fi, caffeine, and a tad bit of ego. Our world also thrives on titles like CEO, COO, CMO, VP, and SVP 

No matter how you slice it, each of these titles define a “boss or someone who leads people  a type of authority figure. Now, consider capturing that same sense of control over your life. 

Rather than using leadership to manage othersyou could focus on using that same energy to take leadership of your life journey. That could include starting a new business, changing your eating habits, starting a new weight loss program, or switching careers.   

Visualize the incredible mind shift when you decide to be the boss. Imagine no more. It’s time to look in the mirror and say “I’m the boss!” 

Here are seven simple ways to help you be the best boss of your life  starting now!

 1. Set small personal goals for your life. 

Woman in a yellow jacket journaling on a notepad

If your personal goal is to start your own business, your first goal could be something as simple as creating vision. Once you’ve met that goal, the next one could be a bit bigger, like creating a list of potential clients/Customers and personally reaching out to them. No matter what your goals look like, one thing always remains the same: Make sure they are actionable, measurable, and attainable 

2. Be fearless. 

Woman jumping on bed

Often, people let fear hold them back from doing most things. Fear is a dream killer, and if you’re on a pursuit to reach your full potential and be the best boss of your life, then fear has no place for you. No one said being a boss was easy, but the reward is that much sweeter when you realize how much you endured and persevered getting there. So be the fearless boss your life deserves.  

 3. Embrace change. 

Woman stretching outside in the sun

This is an important one. Change is the fuel your life needs to manifest every dream and aspiration on your vision board. Don’t turn your cheek to any new opportunities that may present itself, professional or personal. Everything was an impossible feat until someone achieved it. Turn your life’s adventure into an endless opportunity of firsts. 

4. Take risks. 

Woman kayaking in a lake

This doesn’t have to involve bungee jumping off a cliff or deep-sea diving with sharks, so don’t worry. Taking risks means doing something where there is a real possibility of failureRisk taking can create more opportunities for your life to flourish in the best possible way. Sometimes, the bigger the risk, the better the reward.  

 5. Don’t let intimidation scare you. 

Woman meditating

We all have doubts from time to time  this comes with the territory of being human. But how you manage that doubt is what sets you apart from the next person and can define you as a boss. Break the cycle of negativity immediately, and invest in the best version of yourself. Honor all your feelings, good and bad, then treat your self-doubt with positive reinforcement.    

 6. Find your tribe. 

A group of people high-fiving and working

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and support you … teachers, trainers, mentors, colleagues, and anyone who is willing to help you achieve greatness. These are the peeps you’ll want to lock arms with. Those who encourage and inspire growth and development will ultimately be the greatest influence you could have while leading a life of fulfillment and leadership, both professionally and personally. Anyone who doesn’t lift you up or add to the good in your life, kick ‘em to the curb (if you can). 

 7. Never look back. 

Woman holding two thumbs-up while looking at the sky

Be confident, be brave, and be bold. Don’t let fear or doubts hold you backYou are the leader of your life. You’re the boss now, so you get to call all the shots.  

It’s your life, your dreamyour journey. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride! 

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