2017 U.S. Summer Cooler Program Over

Temperatures have cooled in all areas of the country, officially bringing our 2017 U.S Summer Cooler Program to a close – at least until next year. That means you can now stock up on your favorite heat-sensitive products (and paks!) without incurring the additional $6 fee for an eco-friendly, insulated cooler. Order your old favorites and our new, limited-time IsaDelight® holiday assortment! Continue reading →

Summer Cooler Program Starts Today

To make sure your favorite heat-sensitive products make it to your doorstep in perfect condition during the warmer months, our U.S. Summer Cooler Program starts today in certain parts of the country. Exact dates vary by region and are subject to change, based on weather patterns. It will be in effect until October 21, 2016. Continue reading →