A St. Paddy’s Shake So Good You’ll Ask to Be Pinched!

On the hunt for that pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day? We might not be able to help you find it, but we can give you a treat that’ll make you feel like you’re just as lucky. You’ve gotta try our delicious Strawberry St. Paddy's Day Shake featuring IsaLean® PRO Shake and Isagenix Greens™! Continue reading →

We IsaLOVED These Shakes–Try the Winning Recipe for the #StrawberryCreamLove!

Congratulations to Valerie, our winner of the #StrawberryCreamShake recipe contest. She posted her recipe on Facebook, Instagram, and to Recipes@IsagenixCorp.com. Best of all? Valerie won a FREE Strawberry Cream IsaLean canister for her submission. Feel free to share the love with her tasty concoction dubbed the Strawberry Vanilla Twist Shake. Continue reading →