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We IsaLOVED These Shakes–Try the Winning Recipe for the #StrawberryCreamLove!

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Congratulations to Valerie, our winner of the #StrawberryCreamShake recipe contest. She posted her recipe on Facebook, Instagram, and to Recipes@IsagenixCorp.com. Best of all? Valerie won a FREE Strawberry Cream IsaLean canister for her submission. Feel free to share the love with her tasty concoction dubbed the Strawberry Vanilla Twist Shake.

This Valentine’s Day Shake Recipe is Sure to Woo You—And You Can Win the New Strawberry Shake!*

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You don’t have to be coupled with someone to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Delight yourself, your best friend, your mom, your workout buddy…Whoever you’d simply like to say “thank you” to. We have the perfect treat for you! Plus, share with us YOUR favorite Valentine’s Shake before Thursday, February 19, at Midnight MST on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #StrawberryCreamLove for a chance to win a FREE IsaLean Strawberry Cream canister!