Science, Quality, and Results: Learn Why Elite Athletes Continue to Choose Isagenix

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Each month, more and more elite athletes are choosing top level nutrition with Team Isagenix. They’re taking advantage of this incredible tool to help them build their Isagenix businesses. As a result, they’re reaching new levels of achievement both on and off the field, and we want to recognize them for their success.

6 Tips for Fitness Competitors & Athletes from Isagenix Trainer Darryl Daniels

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Trainer and Team Isagenix member Darryl Daniel devotes most of his professional time to training a wide array of athletes and fitness competitors, including professional athletes, bodybuilders, and figure and bikini competitors. Find out why he looks to Isagenix to fill not only his nutritional needs, but his athletes' needs as well.

Advice from Cathy Savage’s Head Coach

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“I was always involved in sports and dance, and had a little gymnastics experience,” remembers Andi. “I saw these competitions on ESPN, and thought, ‘I can do that!’ So I searched the Internet for Fitness America Competitions in 1999. The competitions combined a routine round, which was right up my alley, and a physique that portrayed a fit yet feminine body. I was all in!” Now this 42-year-old is not only a head coach of Cathy Savage’s fitness team, but is a professional fitness competitor. From Fitness America Pageants to Bikini Universe Pageants, learn what tips this Isagenix model has for future competitors.