Meet Your 2018 Judging Period 2 IsaBody Honorable Mentions!

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We see so many incredible transformations each year, and these 10 amazing people selected as IsaBody Challenge® Honorable Mentions are no exception. In addition to the five new IsaBody™ Finalists, these 10 participants went above and beyond to transform their bodies and lives with Isagenix. These 10 honorees will receive US$1,000/CA$1,110 and free tickets to Isagenix events (Global Celebration, New Year Kick Off, and one Isagenix University). Let’s meet your 2018 Judging Period 2 IsaBody Honorable Mentions!

Check Out Your Celebration IsaBody Honorable Mentions!

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Every 16 weeks an IsaBody Challenge® ends, and every 16 weeks we learn about five new IsaBody™ Finalists and 10 new IsaBody Honorable Mentions! This year’s Celebration judging period blew us away with amazing fitness transformations and stories – some even made it to Honorable Mention status after participating in their first Challenge ever! Take a look at your IsaBody Honorable Mentions.

Announcing Your IsaBody Top Achievers 2017 Honorable Mentions

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It’s time to announce the 10 IsaBody Challenge® Honorable Mentions for the 2017 IsaBody™ Top Achievers judging period! All 10 of these participants dedicated 16 weeks of hard work to create incredible mind and body transformations and earned free tickets to Isagenix events! Here are your Top Achievers 2017 IsaBody Honorable Mentions!