Parents Create a Family With Isagenix

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Five years ago, Jen felt ready to make a change, “I was eating healthy, exercising and doing everything I thought was right but still felt run-down.” When she discovered Isagenix, she wanted to get started on the products right away. Aaron was a bit more hesitant, but Jen was determined, and eventually, he saw the power of the products firsthand.

Destination Unknown, Duration Unknown: Couple Sells Everything to Travel the World

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Journey and Ian had lived in Canada together for two years when they decided they were ready for a change. They wanted to move but weren’t being pulled by any one place and couldn’t decide where to go. One day, Ian said, “What if we didn’t decide?” With that, they bought a travel trailer and started exploring the U.S.

Cardio Health Check! February Is American Heart Month.

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Isagenix has no-compromise products that are formulated to deliver the proper nutrition your body needs for optimal performance. Our scientifically developed products are designed to fuel a healthy body, not just a good-looking one. In observance of American Heart Month in February, here are a few tips to keep your cardio health pumping.

Check Out the December Million Dollar Challenge Prizes!

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Everyone has an equal chance to earn! Point accumulation resets on the first of every calendar month, so you have the opportunity to earn new prizes every month through the end of the year! By opting in to this challenge, you will be rewarded for accomplishing certain business-building activities and for growing your team. This is an opportunity to earn fun Isagenix swag and bonuses for sharing Isagenix with others and welcoming new people to your team.

Former Nurse Is Helping More People Than Ever With Isagenix

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Four years ago, Casey was working as a nightshift nurse in the oncology unit at a children’s hospital. She was surviving on energy drinks and coffee and just wasn’t feeling her best. After a friend on Facebook introduced her to Isagenix, Casey decided to give the products a try. Now, she’s helping more people than ever with Isagenix.

Healthy Mind and Body Is Also an Effective Business Building Tool (VIDEO)

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Isagenix teamed up with Rod Hairston and Growth-U to create a one-of-a-kind, 60-day accountability system, Healthy Mind and Body. Launched at 205 Celebration, this custom Isagenix program was built to empower product users and Associates to reach their health, fitness, energy, and lifestyle goals. Did you know it’s also an effective business building tool?

New Year’s Resolution Check-In: How’s That Healthy Mind & Body? (Video)

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New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be about personal development, but by February, many of us have cut corners or had a few slip-ups that end up leave us feeling guilty and defeated. If you can relate, you’re not alone. To help you accomplish your goals, try our accountability system, Healthy Mind and Body.

Top 10 Stories of 2015 Decided By You

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Over the last 12 months, Isagenix has published hundreds of incredible stories that you in turn “shared” with friends and family. Check out the top 10 stories that were shared and received the most traffic in 2015, all thanks to YOU! Which one of the top 10 is your favorite story this year?

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