Colombia Celebrates Grand Opening

The Grand Opening Event of Isagenix Colombia was a great success; two days of training, lots of celebration and plenty of mapalé, cumbia and salsa dancing. Hundreds of people got together to celebrate Isagenix and our Solutions to Transform Lives™. This event was a great occasion to bring together our Isagenix family and share the success of our first six months of operations in Colombia. So far: More than 1,600 Colombians have joined Isagenix Isagenix Colombia has a 40% retention Continue reading →

Just Announced: Colombia Grand Opening Schedule

Isagenix Colombia is preparing a two-day Grand Opening Event that will be unforgettable for you, your friends, your family, and other guests, as well as your entire leadership team. Leaders’ Seminars On Friday, July 18th, we will be have a series of training workshops at the Bolivar Room; you will receive training from leaders and you will be able to interact and receive first-hand information on how to build a successful business from our Isagenix Scientists and Millionaires. Grand Continue reading →

How to Get Your Isagenix Business Started in Colombia

In just over a month, Isagenix® will be open for business in Colombia; a huge opportunity for you to launch your business abroad! It all starts with YOU and it all starts now. Here are two quick things to do right now if you want to get started in Colombia when it officially launches January 27, 2014: 1. Who do you know who knows someone in Colombia? Talk to your neighbors, your work colleagues; anyone! Now is the time to connect locally so you can get your business started internationally. 2. Continue reading →