More Great Celebration News! Deadline Extended for Unassigned Tickets

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In an effort to help get ALL Celebration tickets assigned and in the hands of people who don't want to miss out on this amazing event, we are extending the deadline for ticket assignments by one week! This is an amazing opportunity to experience dynamic training, exciting product launches, extraordinary entertainment, and priceless networking with fellow Isagenix Associates.

Back by Popular Demand: Check Out the 2015 Celebration Breakout Sessions

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Meet your Breakout Trainers! Day 2—Monday, August 17—of Celebration is YOUR day. Pick and choose which training event you’d like to attend and which time works best for you! Looking to brush up on your social media skills? Or what about tuning in to compliance? No matter what, you’ll have a takeaway to expand your skill set.

If You Don’t Have Celebration Tickets, You’re Missing the Biggest Event We’ve Ever Had

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We are hosting our LARGEST event ever! Don’t let your team members send you a postcard from the sunny beaches of San Diego for Celebration! Be there to experience the melt-in-your-mouth, bold and rich, rock 'n' roll event of a lifetime. Peek into a little window to see what you’ll experience firsthand at this event…

Meet Your 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration Global 90-Day Game Plan Trainers!

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Meet our powerful Celebration trainers who will be onstage breaking down how to use our new and improved, award-winning business tool known as the 90-Day Game Plan. At the end of the 90 days, your business will be where you want it to be based on the effort you put into it.

Download the Celebration Guidebook App!

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It’s just about time for Celebration! If you’re worried about not having all the information that you can AT the event—don’t fret. Available on your smartphone, tablet, and the web, the Celebration Guidebook App is designed to answer any and all questions so you have a smooth and enjoyable time in San Diego.

Ready for Celebration? Get Your Tickets to the First Global Celebration Pre-Party!

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The day before Celebration begins, you’re invited to mix and mingle at our first Global Celebration Pre-Party. Enjoy hours of networking with leaders from around the world during this amazing event. Watch as the festivities of old circus days come to life with exotic acrobats dancing from high ceilings while enjoying a refreshing assortment of themed beverages and culinary delicacies! And the best part? One-third of the ticket proceeds—that’s $25—will be donated to Make-A-Wish®.