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Isagenix Announces New Global Foreign Exchange Policy

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Over the last several months, the value of local currency in several of our international markets has weakened significantly against the U.S. dollar. As our products have been historically priced in U.S. dollars, this has especially affected customers and Associates in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. After reviewing and consulting with many of our leaders, we have concluded that the fairest and most equitable way in dealing with this new reality, rather than adopt a change in our compensation plan, affect a price increase, or implement other short term measures, is to implement a foreign exchange policy.

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Scott and Leanne Find Financial Freedom

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Queensland-based Leanne and Scott joined Isagenix in August of 2012. After only 30 days of experiencing an Isagenix system, they had fantastic results and saw the incredible potential for financial freedom and changing lives. They decided they wanted to commit to Isagenix and share this amazing opportunity with as many people as possible.

On the Heels of Catastrophe, Network Marketers Find Isagenix and Success

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Paul and Suzanne were sharing Isagenix products for a year, before they realized they were missing something. “We didn’t realize for a year,” recalls Suzanne, “that we also had this incredible, amazing opportunity that would change people’s lives. We were talking about it, but not enough. The moment we started to do that, everything changed for us.”