AMPED About Isagenix: Trainer Lindsay Starnes Shares Her Advice for Success

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As a part-time aerobics instructor and personal trainer, Lindsay has always been passionate about fitness, but it wasn’t until she was introduced to Isagenix that she truly had the opportunity to focus on that passion. Get a firsthand look at how Lindsay is helping her clients find success with the Isagenix products.

Teacher & New Mom Becomes Team Isagenix Athlete

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After celebrating her daughter Ava’s first birthday, Katie felt insecure with her body and decided it was time to do something. As soon as she ordered her Isagenix products, her enrolling sponsor told her she should join the IsaBody Challenge®. Now, this 2016 IsaBody Challenge Honorable Mention and amazing competitor is one of our newest Team Isagenix athletes.

How This Ultimate Power Couple Stays Fueled With Isagenix

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As a couple who loves both bodybuilding and ultramarathon running, Crystal and Jesse struggled to find the right balance in their training routine. "Many athletes believe you can't do both," says Jesse. Through trial and error and the help of Isagenix, this power couple is now following a powerful workout regimen that fulfills both of their passions.

David Is Goliath: Lacrosse Star Shawn Evans Conquers Giants as League MVP

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At 5’9” and 180 pounds, Team Isagenix athlete Shawn Evans’ rise to superstardom in professional lacrosse is a feel-good story. But, don’t compare him to characters like Rudy—the small-statured Notre Dame football player depicted in the popular motion picture film. However, what the two do share is perhaps the most important characteristic in sports—heart.