Performance Line Now Informed-Sport Certified!

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There is huge news coming out of Celebration for all of our athletes, performance Customers, and business builders! In addition to the new AMPED™ Protein Bar (available in three different flavors) and two new flavors of e+™, Isagenix is proud to announce that the entire Performance Line is now Informed-Sport Certified!

Paired for Success: IsaLean PRO Shake & AMPED Performance (Series)

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IsaLean® PRO Shake and the AMPED™ Performance line are powerful products that work together to support your health goals, making it simple and convenient to fuel your weight loss and performance goals. Formulated with fitness in mind, both IsaLean PRO Shake and AMPED Performance products were designed to be taken alongside one another, in an effort to maximize results and benefits.

4 Things Your Workout Could Be Missing Without AMPED Power

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It’s only been a little over a month since Isagenix launched its latest performance product—AMPED™ Power—and it’s already a wild success with athletes and weekend warriors everywhere. AMPED Power is a pre-workout drink mix combining creatine, Nitrosigine®, and citrulline to increase power and help improve blood flow during workouts.

We’re All Crazy for These New Products. Have You Tried Them Yet?

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At this year’s Celebration event, we introduced four amazing new products: Isagenix Coffee, AMPED™ Power, and two new flavors of IsaDelight® chocolates. It didn’t take long to see the excitement surrounding these new additions. Associates took to social media to express their love for all of the new products. Here’s what they are saying…

Your 2015 Celebration Event Recap (Video)

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Day 3 of 2015 Celebration has come to a close, but not before seeing everyday people transform their lives using the products, hearing from inspiring business builders, crowning the 2015 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner, and watching one little girl’s life change thanks to Isagenix and Make-A-Wish®—and just in case you missed out, we’ve got you covered.

Your 2015 Celebration Recap: Day 1

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Our 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration is off to a great start with over 12,000 Isagenix Associates from across the globe in attendance. And, just in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the day’s announcements, plus how you can tune in to the excitement from home tomorrow via live stream.

New Product to Amplify Your Workout

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Get ready to pump up your workouts with AMPED™ Power. Sports nutrition is now a well-studied discipline, and the core reason we moved into the Performance solution category for active and athletic-minded individuals. A key component of that move is a new line of performance products, specifically designed to amplify muscle, performance, energy, and delivery (AMPED).