Because I Can: 200-Pound Club Member No Longer Feels Trapped in Her Body

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Chubby since childhood, Robin Janes never imagined she could lose weight, let alone over 200 pounds.* Robin’s weight affected everyday things like going to the grocery store. She never had a plan around losing weight, but when she began to make Isagenix a part of her lifestyle, things started to fall into place.

Inspirational Lifestyle Change: 200-Pound Member Says Yes to a Healthier Life

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At the age of 49, Barry reached his heaviest weight. At 476 pounds, this husband and father of two feared he would follow in the same footsteps as his father who had passed away at the age of 66, weighing 420 pounds. At that point, Barry resolved to make a lifestyle change. Thanks to his a person he dubs his "little angel," he found Isagenix and set his new life into action.