Morning and nighttime routines are an essential part of getting the most out of your day. They help you set your intentions, take a moment to think, and press pause on the chaos around you. More importantly, they force you to spend some time on YOU because you can’t help or take care of others without taking care of yourself first.

While everyone’s night and morning routine will look a little different depending on what’s right for them, there are a few common practices that will benefit you no matter who you are: a busy parent, an entrepreneur, a dedicated athlete, or all three!

Give these six practices a try to start getting the most out of your day … all 24 hours of it.

3 Practices To Add to Your Morning Routine

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Drink a glass of warm lemon water.

A warm glass of lemon water a day keeps the doctors away … that’s how it goes, right? It should be, because drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning offers a ton of benefits! Whether you add a slice of fresh lemon or a drop of Isagenix Lemon Essential Oil to your glass, it’s a delicious way to increase hydration, support your immune health,† and boost your mood.

Ignore your phone.

As hard as this may sound, try ignoring the impulse to see what’s happening on social media or in your inbox. Instead, think about your goals for the day, set a game plan, and focus on you. Everything on your phone will still be there in 20 minutes!

Take vitamins.

No matter how healthy your diet, you likely have some gaps in your essential daily nutrition that you’re unable to fill with the foods you eat. By taking daily vitamins, you’re ensuring your body’s needs are met and are giving yourself a daily reminder to always prioritize your health.

3 Practices To Add to Your Nighttime Routine

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It would be hard to get into all the benefits of stretching before bed without giving this topic its own article, but one of the best benefits (in my opinion) is the calming effect stretching has on both your body and your mind. Try a stretching routine to help you to reduce anxiety, release tension, and prime your body for a good night’s sleep.

Take care of your skin.

Everyone’s skin is different, but you should have a solid lineup of products you use to care for your skin every night before bed. At the very least, be sure to cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize. If you want to get fancy, try out some masks, peels, or serums. (Men, you too! I promise, it feels GOOD!)

Map out your morning.

Set yourself up for success in the morning by packing your gym bag, prepping lunch, and planning what you’re going to have for breakfast. This will reduce the temptation to skip the gym or buy less-than-healthy food and will save you time (because rushing to make lunch before work usually leads to making a mess … or is that just me?).

There are so many benefits to having a solid morning and nighttime routine, so don’t let hesitation stop you from finding the perfect one for you. Throw one of these six practices into your current routine, or try them all!


†This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.