Voting for our 2019 “Spirit of Isagenix” award is now closed, but stay tuned to find out who the winner is! The lucky person will be announced onstage at Canada Celebration 2019 this April in Ottawa.  

In case you were unable to vote and would like to read about the nominees, take a peek below!  

The Top 3 Nominees 

The Spirit of Isagenix consists of someone who: 

  • Leads and inspires others. 
  • Upholds Isagenix values and principles. 
  • Empowers people to change their lives for the better. 
  • Creates opportunities. 
  • Exudes entrepreneurship qualities. 

Renata Biondich – Oakville, Ontario 

“Renata is a true giver who leads by example. She is the first to offer help and shows up for her team while weaving this business into her everyday life with three busy athletic children. Not only is she a well-rounded, passionate business builder, but she has also proven that the IsaBody Challenge® works, having been awarded as an honorable mention. Her commitment to the products and business are unshakable. She deserves this award more than anyone I know!” – Robin Dallaire, support team member.  

“Whether it’s training from the stage, on our team Zoom call, at an in-home party, or in a one-on-one situation, Renata exemplifies the Spirit of Isagenix. She is passionate about health, fitness, family, and helping others and is driven and motivated to help her team succeed. She has been a champion of the products since her first day and stands behind the core values of Isagenix. She lights up a room and makes everyone feel a part of something special.” – Janey Snelgrove, support team member.  

Barbilee Hemmings – Edmonton, Alberta 

 “Barbilee invited me out to tea and introduced me to Isagenix six and a half years ago, and I’ve been committed ever since. At first, I didn’t want to get involved with the business opportunity, but after six years of her nurturing support, I was ready. She is the real deal when it comes to living the Isagenix lifestyle as a pure, down-to-earth spirit who reminds me I can make a living doing this in the pockets of my day if that’s what I choose to do. If not, that’s OK, because she’s still there for me — isn’t that what family is all about?” – Coreina Hubert, Sales Team member.  

“Barbilee is a true leader who inspires others. She and her entire family have followed the values and principles of Isagenix since they began consuming the products in 2006. They committed to becoming healthier and products of the products as well as encouraging others to do the same. She constantly creates opportunities for not only herself but also for anyone wanting the same thing. She participates in all the Isagenix promotions and contests, has completed 13 IsaBody Challenges, and informs her team of all things Isagenix, including seasonal flavors, promotions, and more. In the 29 years I have known this amazing lady, I can say that without a doubt, she lives and breathes Isagenix and everything it stands for.” – Heather Hambrook, Sales Team member.  

 Sylvia Tremblay – Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Quebec  

 “Sylvia is very competent, professional, and friendly!” – Chantel Dumont, Coach.  

“Sylvia is persevering and disciplined.” – Josée Lacharité, Consultant. 

“Sylvia has a lot of interpersonal skills and likes to help others.” – Leah Doucette, entrepreneur.  

“She really inspires us and motivates us all the time!” – Mariam Ahmedy, Consultant. 

“Sylvia is a great Isagenix representative who deserves to be recognized.” – Josee Gauthier, Isagenix Independent Associate.