Summer is in full swing, and most of us across the country are feeling the heat by now. If you’re not dripping sweat by noon, tell me where you live, because temperatures in Arizona will reach 114 degrees Fahrenheit this week!

Despite the grueling temperatures, we have a great opportunity for you to feel awesome this summer and encourage others to reach their goals. Host a summer wellness challenge, and invite your friends to join you so they can achieve their goals to slim down, sleep well, gain muscle, increase their energy, or just feel better.

We spoke with Laura Stevens, 11-Star Platinum, 21-Star Crystal Executive, who shared her experience and tips for success.

Woman working on laptop while drinking Isagenix AMPED Hydrate

Tip 1: Give Guidance

Creating a summer wellness challenge can be a great way to jump-start your weight loss efforts, and it can be especially helpful to provide support and give tools to someone who is trying a 9-Day System or Weight Loss Basic Pack (30-Day System) for the first time.

“We run 14-day Facebook challenges toward the start of each month to hold people accountable, take them through two to four Cleanse Days, introduce a few spotlight products each month, and provide support and accountability,” said Laura.

Before your summer wellness challenge begins, be sure to provide all the details, including the start and end dates, and give plenty of notice. Come up with a plan, and post regularly to gain interest and maintain momentum.

“We work hard to create enough content for two posts a day and schedule them in the group in advance so people can count on tips, articles, podcasts, etc., to help them every single day,” Laura explained.

You can also visit,, and to access tools and resources.

Tip 2: Reward Progress

A great way to keep your group engaged is by holding small competitions.

“Anyone who starts the challenge and orders 100 BV or more can enter the competition,” Laura said. “We recognize team members at the end of the challenge for the best transformation and for sharing personal testimonials about how the challenge has been helpful or inspiring.”

Tip 3: Promote Products

Finally, use the online platform as an opportunity to share your favorite Isagenix products and educate your team about what’s new.

“During our first challenge in June, we featured the Bedtime Belly Buster Bundle, and last month, we focused on Isagenix Greens™, IsaBiome™ Daily Digestive Health System, and Isagenix Lemon Essential Oil,” Laura said. “We plan to discuss several other products and include information about how to get ready for a Shake Day and Cleanse Day in future challenges.”

Ready to host your own summer wellness challenge? Get started today, and don’t forget to visit the Isagenix Social Design Studio for a library of images you can use to create custom templates for your posts!