Sweet buns, crispy croissants, and mouth-watering eggs – is there anything better than the delicious staples that adorn a brunch table? … Probably not. That’s why you shouldn’t skip out on this Easter’s brunch just because you’re trying to eat healthily. Here’s your guide to a healthier Easter brunch so you can enjoy the holiday, and the scrumptious brunch that goes with it, with no regrets.

1. Drink Up!

Brunch boasts a lot of great drinks filled with sugar or alcohol, but the best thing you can do to make your brunch a lot healthier is to drink a lot – of water.

  • Hydrate! Drinking water before and during a meal will help you feel more satiated and keep you well-hydrated in case you do decide to have an alcoholic beverage.
  • If you’re looking for an extra dash of flavor in your water, try adding Isagenix Fruits, and top it off with a fresh cucumber or raspberry!
  • If you can’t resist getting a boozy brunch beverage, opt for a mimosa with homemade orange juice or a homemade bloody Mary with low-sodium tomato juice and an extra side of celery. Most importantly – limit yourself to just one cocktail.
  • Try our yummy recipe for pink lemonade! Very brunch appropriate.

2. Make Pretty Pancakes

Pancakes tend to get a bad rap, but you can easily make them healthier by swapping out a few things.

  • Opt for whole-wheat pancakes to pack in a bit of extra nutrients and fiber.
  • Top your pancakes with fresh fruit instead of sugary, fruit-flavored syrups or glazes.
  • Hold the butter! Instead of butter, try mixing a bit of Greek yogurt with your fresh fruit to make a delicious (and fancy) pancake topping.
  • Don’t overdo it. As excited as you are to try a healthier take on pancakes, make sure you’re eating in moderation and paying attention to when your body tells you it’s full.

3. Bust Out Your Bowls

Try an Acai bowl, or a variation of one, with your favorite frozen fruits. Topped with colorful springtime fruit, this tasty bowl is perfect for a decorative, yet healthy, brunch extravaganza!

  • Blend frozen fruit or fruit puree until it reaches a smoothie-like consistency and add your toppings and choice of liquid! Trendy options include peanut butter, honey, sliced almonds, or oats with liquids like almond or coconut milk. Top it off with some elegant slices of strawberry or banana to make it look lovely.


4. Get Egg-cited

It wouldn’t be Easter brunch (or even Sunday brunch) without eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and are easy to alter to create a healthier dish!

  • Fuel up your frittata with fresh vegetables. Opt for just egg whites, or more whites to yolks, to flurry up a fantastic frittata and then pack it with nutrient-rich foods like spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Yum!
  • Transform your deviled eggs into angelic ones with yogurt instead of mayonnaise! Boil your eggs as usual, but instead of proceeding to mix the yolk with mayonnaise, cut out a couple of yolks, and add in some plain Greek yogurt. Mix in a bit of mustard, and top it off with salt and cayenne pepper.

5. Try Fancy Fruit

Fruit is colorful, flavorful, and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. It’s also a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  • Show off your European flair by whipping up a Macedonia fruit salad to garnish the brunch table. Just peel and chop up all your favorite fruits, like peaches, grapes, and melon, mix them together, and squeeze a full lemon over the fruit mixture. Let it sit for 20 minutes to soak up the lemon juice before serving.
  • Celebrating Easter in a warmer climate? Try frozen grapes! Freeze your grapes the night before or a few hours before eating, and use them as cute appetizers or after-brunch treats.
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries, a classic and elegant dessert that looks great on any brunch spread, can still be enjoyed in moderation. Just use our IsaDelight® chocolates as your dipping chocolate and relish in the fact that each IsaDelight square is portion controlled to help you keep track of your intake.


6. Sum It up With Sorbet

Finish off your grandiose brunch with a scrumptious sorbet that will refresh your palate and help you digest. Check out our Cool Cleanse Sorbet recipe here!

Think you don’t have time to plan a brunch? Nonsense. We’ve got you covered! Head to the IsaLife™ app for more recipe inspirations using your favorite nutritionally rich Isagenix products…keeping everyone healthy and happy!

Happy brunching!