Voting for our 2020 Spirit of Isagenix award is now closed. Stay tuned to find out who the winner is! Read more about the nominees below. 

Nominees are Isagenix Independent Associates who:  

  • Lead and inspire others. 
  • Uphold Isagenix values and principles. 
  • Empower people to change their lives for the better. 
  • Create opportunities. 
  • Exude entrepreneurship qualities. 

Meet the Top 5 Nominees 

It’s clear that the finalists you chose live by the Isagenix valuesBut only ONE will be awarded this incredible honour. 

Amanda Hamm

Amanda Hamm headshot

Amanda’s team loves how she goes above and beyond to help others. As an honest, caring, and passionate leader, she’s always the most positive and supportive person in the roomShe’s a role model who many aspire to emulate. 

Dave and Cary Mac Arthur

Dave and Cary Mac Arthur headshot

Dave and Cary’s dedication and commitment to “bring a bit of heaven down to earth” are profound, said their team members. Their tireless work and education efforts to pour their love and belief of Isagenix into our community and world are astonishing! Because of their leadership, many have been able to create legacies their families can carry on for generations.

Debi and Jeff Beebe 

Debi and Jeff Beebe headshot

Members of their team say that Debi and Jeff are true supportive leaders who give with all their heart. They want to see everyone on their team succeed and lead with integrity, making them top-notch duo.  

Kate Vickers 

Kate Vickers headshot

Kate is a creative inspiration. According to her team, her leadership and mentorship within Isagenix are absolutely astounding. Kate exudes Isagenix in all she does and shares so much love with others day in and day out.

Natalie Smith 

Natalie Smith headshot

Natalie is described by her team as a superb leader full of love and consistencyShe gracefully invests her time and knowledge directly into her team. Always raw, real, and classy, Natalie is a resourceful leader who shines in all she does.