Helping children adopt healthy lifestyles by providing innovative wellness programs and workshops is the mission of the One for Health Foundation, one of 16 nonprofit organizations recently awarded a grant by the Isagenix Legacy Foundation in January 2019. One for Health Foundation, which was co-founded by Bruce Campelia and Tom Miller, educates children about the benefits of yoga, meditation, and nutrition so they can develop and retain healthy habits. The organization offers programs and workshops at various Boys & Girls Clubs of America locations throughout the U.S.

Identifying the Need

An experienced business entrepreneur and health enthusiast, Bruce was inspired to go back to school and pursue a doctorate degree in natural health. His research and dissertation on health in America aligned with what he discovered at the Boys & Girls Club in Watertown, Massachusetts. He found that more than 85 percent of children who visit Boys & Girls Club locations and underserved communities in the Boston area (and across the country) do not eat breakfast or lunch.

“It was shocking,” he said. “These children weren’t getting the nutrition they needed to sustain them through the school day.”

Bruce talked to Tom about his idea to create a nonprofit that was centered around teaching kids about good health through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. The two friends brought their vision to life when they received formal approval as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and officially launched the One for Health Foundation in 2013.

Promising Pilot Programs

After the One for Health Foundation introduced the BestSelf4Kids program at the Boys & Girls Club in Watertown, the organization hired Rebecca Lambert, program coordinator and yoga instructor, to teach guided stretching and meditation, along with a local chef to offer healthy cooking classes to children ages 8 to 12.

Today, One for Health Foundation offers its programs at six Boys & Girls Clubs locations in the Boston area. Additionally, the organization has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs locations in Seattle, Washington; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Salem, New Hampshire and is expected to expand even more later this spring.

“The plan was to always grow the program nationally because we know the need is great among children across the entire country,” Bruce explained.

Taking an Opportunity to Make a Greater Difference

Last year, Bruce met with Susan Miller and Judy Froehlich, community philanthropists and Isagenix Associates. The women were inspired to get involved with the One for Health Foundation and encouraged Bruce to apply for a grant through the Isagenix Legacy Foundation.

“The mission of the One for Health Foundation has always connected with my personal interest to bring education and awareness to the lifelong benefits of nourishing the mind and body with proper nutrition,” Susan said. “As a founding member of the Isagenix Legacy Foundation, I felt it would be a perfect fit and have a ripple effect on a national scale.”

In January 2019, the Isagenix Legacy Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to the One for Health Foundation.

“We were thrilled and honored to have been selected for this generous grant, which has allowed us to focus more on expanding our programs,” Bruce said. “The Isagenix Legacy Foundation is helping us make that happen.”

As a result, Judy was named the National Programs Director for the One for Health Foundation and is responsible for developing, expanding, and executing the mission of the organization.

In addition to receiving a monetary grant, Isagenix World Headquarters donated $50,000 worth of product to the organization.

“Almost immediately, the leadership team at the Boys & Girls Club in Watertown saw a positive shift in attentiveness and behavior among the children,” Judy added. “That was a huge discovery and reaffirmed our vision to make a difference across a broader population.”


Do you know a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aligns with the mission of the Isagenix Legacy Foundation to provide healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, and aid for those affected by natural disasters? The next round of grant applications for U.S.-based nonprofits will open in March, and recipients will be announced at the Isagenix Global Celebration 2019 event in Nashville in August. Visit for more information.