This year is going to be monumental for Isagenix. On Tuesday, February 23, the company achieved its biggest milestone to date: $4 billion in cumulative global sales, an incredible accomplishment after just 14 short years of being open.


The breakthrough signifies Isagenix is quickly moving toward its goal of becoming the world’s largest health and wellness company.

“Achieving $4 billion dollars is a huge accomplishment and an enormous benchmark for Isagenix,” says Jim Coover, Isagenix Vice President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s also a day to celebrate our loyal customers, because without them, Isagenix wouldn’t be the company it is today.”

Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover adds, “Since achieving $1 billion in 2010, Isagenix has been in momentum. Our success comes from locking arms as One Team and focusing on the same goal—transforming countless lives.”

Since 2002, Isagenix has been providing personalized Solutions to Transform Lives. Our vision to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain has captured the attention of our more than 520,000 members worldwide and more than 800 employees globally. It’s What Drives Us as a company.