Imagine taking on the challenges of the past couple of months without food. Or medical supplies. Or the help you need or even the energy to keep going.

This is the reality facing thousands of underserved communities all over the world and within our own country. With the aid of our nonprofit partners, Isagenix and the ISA Foundation are helping to meet the needs of those affected by the global pandemic by donating over $2.4 million of product to nonprofits in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Abroad and at home, the ISA Foundation continues to fulfill their mission to provide healthy nutrition for all, even in this time of unprecedented crisis.

Food For Thought Isagenix product donations

Donation of IsaKids Super Smoothie and IsaBlenders received by Florida food bank Food For Thought

Feeding Hungry Families

When stay-at-home orders began, 20.6 million Americans suddenly lost their jobs, leaving many families struggling to put food on the table. Children who relied on school meals even before the pandemic hit were going hungry due to countrywide school closures. In an instant, food banks became many Americans’ main food source, creating an instant strain on their own supply.

Isagenix and the ISA Foundation donated more than 715,000 snacks and meal replacements, including 154,728 servings of IsaKids® Super Smoothie, and 250,190 drinks. Isagenix also donated 4,600 IsaBlender® blenders and IsaShaker™ cups to food banks and nonprofits faced with incredible need.

Distributing Food With the Help of Nonprofit Partners

The ISA Foundation relied on the unshakable determination of their nonprofit partners to distribute their donations all over the country.

A woman in a face mask holding a "Thank You ISA Foundation" sign

SERV International receiving Isagenix products to distribute via drive-thru

SERV International

SERV International is typically dedicated to providing meals to the Turkana region of Kenya. However, they recently found themselves answering the call of their local community in the state of Georgia. They created a drive-thru so families in need could safely pick up IsaKids Super Smoothie, AMPED™ Hydrate, BĒA™ Sparkling Energy Drink, and Whey Thins™.

House of Refuge

House of Refuge is an Arizona nonprofit that provides temporary housing for families experiencing homelessness. They delivered bags of IsaKids Super Smoothie, IsaLean® Shakes, IsaLean Bars, and blenders that had been packed by Isagenix employees to their residents to ensure no child went hungry while schools were closed.


ParaDocs is an organization of event medical specialists in New York. The Attitude Is Everything Foundation delivered donations of AMPED Hydrate and BĒA to first responders in New York and California, two major hot spots for COVID-19.

A group of people holding thank-you signs after receiving product donations from Isagenix

Donations from Isagenix received by doctors and nurses at the UCLA Medical Intensive Care Unit

Serving Others on the Front Lines of Crisis

The Navajo Nation — perhaps one of the hardest hit areas in the United States — is still suffering at the time of the publish date of this article. Spanning across northeastern Arizona into parts of Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, the Navajo Nation currently has 6,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their approximately 175,000 community members.

Already suffering from poverty, the rural location lacks electricity and running water in many places. When COVID-19 quickly became a crisis, within days, hospitals located there became overwhelmed with the amount of cases.

ISA Foundation partner Team Rubicon quickly decided to help provide resources to the area.

Volunteers at a health center in PPE

Team Rubicon at the Kayenta Health Center on the Navajo Nation in Kayenta, Arizona

Team Rubicon Assists the Navajo Nation

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization focused on disaster relief. Almost all of its members are veterans of the United States military. Often feeling out of place when returning to civilian life, Team Rubicon provides veterans an opportunity to use the skills acquired during their service to help those affected by natural disasters.

Committed to service, Team Rubicon provided support to the Navajo Nation by serving over 1,500 patients, delivered babies, and revived people. They drove ambulances and distributed a donation of Isagenix products to those with little access to nutritious meals. One former soldier even hand-pumped a ventilator for a patient for 23 hours when no more electric units were available.

“We are seeking to provide the full spectrum of recovery” said Team Rubicon Deputy Director Ana Luna. “The ISA Foundation is helping us impact the most vulnerable populations in the country.”