As one of our most distinguished products, Ionix® Supreme is a pillar to our foundation – and for good reason. Ionix consistently remains one of our most in-demand products thanks to its integrity.

Think of a maker of fine wine. As he cultivates his unique blend, he carefully ensures each part of the process is perfect. He cares for his vineyard, uses only the finest grapes, and spends thousands of hours developing the perfect blend. The result is something he can be proud of and is regarded by others as a premium product.

Ionix and its exclusive blend of adaptogens, or natural botanicals, share a comparable story to that of the wine maker.

As with the varying origins of the grapes used to create wine, adaptogens each emerge from different parts of the world. The result of choosing specific grapes for wine determines the flavor. This is the same for choosing adaptogens, as each one has its own unique impact on the body. Where they are sourced and the quality of the raw materials make all the difference.

The thoughtful wine maker will ensure he uses the highest-quality grapes and soil and will perfect his mixing and aging process. Similarly, Isagenix chooses a specific blend of adaptogens from the finest sources to create Ionix, thus ensuring the optimal benefit to the body. Like our other products, no-compromise quality is a necessity.

Our Founder John W. Anderson is the genius behind the proprietary blend in Ionix Supreme that is engineered using a multistep extraction process. These extracts from plant materials are standardized for quality to ensure effective blends. This is truly the key to the premium product that is Ionix Supreme.

“Ionix was created to serve as a foundation for overall health and wellness. As part of a complete nutritional system, Ionix is rich in minerals and supports the body’s everyday functions to provide balance and relief from stress.”

– Jim Coover, Owner and Chief Executive Officer


Time-Tested and Approved by Mother Nature

Adaptogens are natural botanicals that have unique characteristics that help your body combat stress, focus your mind, and elevate your daily performance.

adaptogen photoAdaptogens develop naturally in plants that grow in harsh, cold, or windy conditions. Not only are these plants able to survive, but they are actually able to grow and thrive despite their extreme environments. The adaptogens in these plants have significant effects in the human body. They have been used for centuries all over the world from Northeastern Asia to India, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Ionix combines the power of adaptogens, antioxidants, and nutrients to balance the body’s systems and strengthen its ability to fight and resist the effects of stress. Lower levels of stress help you recover faster, increase focus, and support overall energy.*

Whole-Body Recovery

In short bursts, stress is needed for survival. Yet continuous stress, beyond necessary “flight or fight” moments, can have harmful effects in the body. In addition, permanently elevated levels of cortisol can disturb the immune system and cognition.

The blend of adaptogens in Ionix has been shown to support the body in dealing with stress and even improve focus and concentration.* These adaptogens benefit multiple body systems, including the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems.

The nutrient-rich botanical concentrate in Ionix combats the negative effects of physical, environmental, and life stressors to support faster recovery.*

Physical Stress

Physical activity, no matter how positive the results, takes a toll on your body. Natural botanicals found in Ionix Supreme help support and elevate physical performance by normalizing the body’s systems.* The result: improved overall daily performance.

Consequently, Ionix is great for athletes as it counters the physical stress of exercise, helping the body to recover.*

Environmental Stress

We may not be able to control the environment, but we can help our bodies cope with the countless pollutants, chemicals, and oxidative toxins we face every day. The toxins in our environment can make us feel fatigued and sluggish. Often referred to as “nature’s answer to stress,” Ionix helps balance the body’s systems. By priming your body every day with the adaptogens found in Ionix, you can help counter these various forms of environmental stressors.

Life Stress

Busy lifestyles and a hectic workday can take their toll and cause a buildup of stress. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, nearly 70 percent of Americans experience physical and mental symptoms of stress, but only 37 percent think they are doing very well at managing it. Many turn to substances such as alcohol or drugs to counter life’s stresses.

Ionix is a more productive way to counter these stressors while aiding your body’s natural systems to handle the stress we all experience on a daily basis. The unique blend of adaptogens helps improve mental clarity so you can stay attentive, sharp, and focused.*

How to Enjoy Ionix

There are many ways to enjoy your daily Ionix. Here are just a few:

  • Poured over ice.
  • Mixed with hot water to drink like tea.
  • Added to IsaLean® PRO Shake.
  • As a shot before bed.

No matter how you choose to take your Ionix, you can be assured that it will support your body’s ongoing efforts to manage stress and help keep you on track.

For more information on Ionix and adaptogens, tune in to our podcast.


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