Contribution is one of the core values at Isagenix. With the support of our Customers, since 2012 Isagenix has raised more than $6.8 million for Make-A-Wish® in 12 countries, which is enough to help the organization grant more than 800 wishes! And in 2017 alone, we donated over $2 million worldwide to this organization. Our goal is to top that in 2018!

Meet a Special Wish Kid at NYKO


We are grateful that our partnership with Make-A-Wish allows us to work with incredible families around the world impacted by this organization. Hearing personal stories of these brave children puts a face to the wishes the Isagenix family is helping to grant. At this year’s New Year Kick Off event, we’re introducing you to Mia.

Mia’s Story


Described as brave, sassy, and fun – Mia likes doing what most teenagers do – hanging out with her friends. She also enjoys a good cheeseburger! But there’s one thing that makes Mia’s everyday life drastically different from other kids her age – a bone marrow disorder called Diamond Blackfan Anemia – an illness she’s bravely battled since infancy. The condition inhibits Mia’s body from producing red blood cells. To survive, Mia receives packed red blood cells every 3-4 weeks and has done so for the past 15 years.

In March of 2013, Make-A-Wish granted Mia’s wish – a trip to Hawaii with her parents and three sisters. Mia spent the week frolicking in the sand, learning to surf, swimming with dolphins, and eating meals with an oceanfront view. The memories created with her loved ones on their Hawaiian getaway were a gift to the whole family.

Mia and her family are so grateful to Make-A-Wish and everyone who has contributed to this organization. However, it’s not just financial donations that keep Mia alive; it’s also physical donations. Blood donors have been helping Mia her entire life. Even more vital than blood, what Mia needs to be cured is a bone marrow transplant. Mia’s whole family has already been tested to see if they could be donors, but nobody was a match. That means Mia’s fate depends on a stranger to possibly be her bone marrow donor.

How Can You Help Mia?


At NYKO, you will have the chance to sign up with a bone marrow donor registry, Be The Match. A 10-second cheek swab could lead to a perfect match for a transplant that could save Mia or other children like her. You can also donate to Make-A-Wish, the foundation that brought Mia’s family happiness and hope throughout her battle. Be sure to stop by the Make-A-Wish booth at NYKO Friday and Saturday to learn more about Mia’s story, Be The Match, and Make-A-Wish.

And be sure to say hello to Mia at NYKO!

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