Our next 90-Day Game Plan starts Monday, January 25, but preparation begins NOW. It’s time to start planning, so when you cross the finish line on April 24, you’ll have accomplished everything you set out to achieve. Remember that we’re here for you every step of the way with business resources and support to help ensure your 90-Day Game Plan is a success. Sign up for email updates at 90DayGP.com, and you’ll get all of that and more delivered directly to your inbox weekly!

Your Prep Week Checklist

Now is the time to fill out your 90-Day Game Plan. Remember to play bigger, think bigger, and make the impossible possible. Add the following items to your to-do list, or use the checklist in your 90-Day Game Plan workbook. If you’re ordering a printed copy of the workbook, click here to download and print your checklist today!

  • Fill out your 90-Day Game Plan workbook completely. You’ll identify your “Why” and your vision, get your business set, and develop your team. You can download the generic version of the 90-Day Game Plan at IsagenixBusiness.com, or purchase a glossy, spiral-bound copy at IsaSalesTools.com for only US$10.95. Please note that the custom 90-Day Game Plan workbook will only be available at 2016 New Year Kick Off where it will be given to all attendees. A limited quantity is also available for sale in the IsaSalesTools store at NYKO.
  • Visit 90DayGP.com and subscribe for weekly tools, training, inspiration, and updates.
  • Set up your calendar.
    • Add ACTION ITEMS from page three of your workbook to your calendar.
    • Add the Core 4 Events you are committed to attending (from page 57 of your workbook) to your calendar.
    • Use a digital calendar? Subscribe to our calendar to automatically add important 90-Day Game Plan dates (like Text Message Blitz Days and Launch Party Weeks) to your calendar. For help with using the Add to Calendar feature, click here.
  • Establish your weekly goals and get ready to track them. Use the weekly trackers in your workbook or download a digital version here.
  • Get to know your Back Office. Be sure you know how to help someone get started, order product, and track your business building progress.
  • Fuel up! Be sure you have all the Isagenix products you’ll need to power through the 90-Day Game Plan. Remember, you’ll be feeding yourself, hosting Launch Parties, and maybe even sharing products at one-on-ones. Isagenix Coffee, IsaLean® Bars, and 5-Piece Sample Paks are all great ways to share Isagenix.
  • Fill up your toolbox. Which products and tools do you need to be successful during your 90-Day Game Plan?

Bonus: Podcast

Get ready to knock your 90-Day Game Plan out of the park! Listen in as Isagenix Associate Pamela Barnum helps you set up your calendar and helps you understand which business-building activities are truly helping you grow your business.

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