For those of us with a sweet tooth (*raises hand*), admitting that we’re probably consuming too much sugar is a tough pill to swallow. But the truth is, most Americans are right there with us.

And really, on its own, sugar isn’t necessarily good or bad. It can become a concern when you consume foods that are high in calories or added sugars but low in essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of everyday foods and beverages that fall into this category, but there’s typically no need to eliminate sugar completely (phew!).

If you want to eat in a way that supports your health and wellness goals, you will actually need some sugar because sugar and carbohydrates are essential nutrients that play a vital role in many bodily functions. Not to mention that naturally occurring sugar is present in many of the delicious, nourishing foods we should enjoy every day, like fruits, veggies, dairy, and whole grains.

So, how can you cut back on the added sugar you don’t want in your diet? Keep reading to find out.

4 Ways To Cut Back on Added Sugars

Replace Sugary Treats With Naturally Sweet Foods

Tea with honey

You weren’t born with cravings for added sugars and artificial sweeteners; your brain developed those cravings over time. Remind your brain to love natural sugars again by replacing that afternoon treat or post-dinner dessert with something naturally sweet. Try having fruit like banana or pineapple or tea with raw honey.

Reach for a Balanced Meal

Plate of salad and vegetables with vegetables on the side

Sugar is a natural part of any balanced meal that’s intended to support a healthy lifestyle, which is why sugar is purposely used to provide a natural sweetness and a source of carbohydrates in Isagenix products. Next time your sugar craving hits, try having an IsaLean® Shake — available in sweet flavors like Chocolate Mint and Birthday Cake Flavor.

Be Mindful of Your Meals

Person holding IsaLean Shake in IsaShaker

Hunger can increase our cravings for quick-energy foods (like sugar), so don’t go too long without eating meals packed with good fats and proteins. These will give you energy and help you feel satisfied so you’re ready to pass on that oh-so-tempting afternoon brownie.

Ditch Your Stress

Person meditating with their elbows on their knees

Though it’s easier said than done, eliminating the stress in your life can reduce your dependency on unhealthy habits like binge eating sugary foods. The next time you’re feeling stressed, try finding a more productive way to deal with it — like exercising or meditating — rather than stress snacking.

Think you’re ready to cut back on added sugars this year? Give it a try!