Looking for a meaningful way to give back? Here’s your chance! The ISA Foundation Canada is partnering with Speroway, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nutrition, education, and healthcare to families in need. Last year, the ISA Foundation Canada partnered with Speroway to distribute more than CA$1 million worth of Isagenix products to underserved communities. This year, we’d like to help them in an even bigger way by raising funds to enhance their programs.

We are relying on YOU, our generous Canadian donors, to support Speroway during Canada Celebration 2020! In honour of the Canada Celebration event, all donations made to the ISA Foundation Canada during the event (Feb. 27-29) will be directed to Speroway.

A Hopeful Way Forward With Speroway

Speroway takes its name from the Latin word “spero,” meaning hope, and “way,” symbolizing the way forward to a better world. Living up to their name, Speroway is dedicated to providing nutritious food, community education, lifesaving healthcare, and disaster relief in over 10 countries, including their home country of Canada.

Speroway recognizes that more than 1 in 8 households in Canada are food insecure, meaning 1 million children go without knowing where their next meal is coming from. To ensure that no Canadian home is without food, Speroway partners with local food banks across the country and provides them with nutritious meals to be distributed to those in need. In addition, Speroway is spreading its wings around the world.

  • Nutrition: Speroway provides nutrition in underserved regions and rural communities overseas.
  • Education: Speroway aims to help bring education to all through teacher training for educational opportunities, especially for young girls who may not have the chance to receive formal schooling otherwise.
  • Healthcare: Speroway brings with them maternal care, deworming, dentistry, and comprehensive programs to combat malnutrition.

This organization truly embodies the values of the ISA Foundation Canada. Speroway president Ken Forbes strongly believes in the incredible power of collaboration with the foundation.

“Like the ISA Foundation, we too believe that every child deserves healthy, nutritious meals,” said Forbes.

By supporting Speroway, donors can be assured they will be investing in a future in which no child goes hungry.


A Greater Reach

In addition to supporting Speroway, the ISA Foundation Canada will continue to align with long-time partner Make-A-Wish® Canada by redirecting all other donations received by the ISA Foundation Canada in 2020 to Make-A-Wish Canada.